Christmas Break was Fun

Kamiryn Gfeller, 17 years old, Junior

  • My parents are divorced but my dad's girlfriend moved in in September. I have 2 brothers and a half brother (by my mom) and an about 12 year old beagle named Johnny. My mom and I just adopted a cat on Saturday.
  • I was at my mom's house until January 3rd for Christmas break.
  • My favorite Christmas Gift was a limited/special edition snow globe from my mom. It has a crescent moon inside and the "snow" is stars and glitter. It has the phrase, "I Love You to the Moon and Back" on the front of it. I don't even like that phrase but I love the moon and stars.
  • I like to listen to music whenever possible and I sometimes work better alone.


Why I Need Names For The Kitty

  • My great aunt likes to let her pets name themselves; she'll hear or think of a name and see how they react to it, and once they know she's talking to them, that will be their name. So, me and my mom are trying to do that with our new kitty.
  • Except, we've tried a few and none have worked so far.
  • The kitty is a tortoiseshell and on her papers, it says her official colors are blue/apricot. My mom thinks it's absolutely hilarious that we have a blue cat.