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Getting started.

Welcome to the Fastest growing DS company in North America


You need to listen to Toni’s GETTING STARTED CALL (our upline) ASAP

712-432-1085 pin 176756#.

First, let’s discuss the le-vel VIP fast start bonuses!

1. you only have 14 days from the first day you place your order.

2. 800 VIP earns you roughly over $550 money and $100 free product credit

3. 1600 VIP earns you over $550 money and $100 free product credit AGAIN

For your first goal:

***Share this with your friends and family! Since you don't have your own personal testimony yet, use the Le-Vel fanpage on Facebook, www.facebook.com/LevelBrands, and share any testimony you see. Just be sure and attach your referral link so they can order from you!


***Have 2 promoters who buy a PROMOTER PACK! ($100, $200, 400, or $800 pack! Must be a promoter pack to qualify for bonus not individual items

***HAVE 2 customers on AUTO SHIP! Must be AUTO SHIP to qualify and just know they can cancel auto ship any time without penalties (this also saves your customers money) Have those 2 customers and 2 promoters order total $800 in sales and you get $660 in bonuses. It's around $550 that goes into your account and $100 in free product You can set up your pay in back office to go onto a prepaid master card or directly into your checking account. Our pay period ends at 10:00pm MST Sunday night so if you happen to hit these goals by then you get paid Tuesday! Yes it's that simple!!

Here is how we work...share your passion about the Thrive product and business. Share Paul's 24 Recorded call 1-530-881-1499 access code 137907#

This is great to give to potentials immediately. ALSO go to the Le-vel fanpage and invite the prospect to LIKE it-there they will read stories & get even more curious! Then get them on a 3 way call with Sheila, Mauria or Toni.

1-972-256-6315 Toni.

1-940-389-2720 Mauria.

1-403-360-1512 Tammy Olson

1-493-928-6766 Lynne Brown

Here are all the numbers you need to have for 3 way call possibilities. Send us a text and see if we are available. Touch the “add call” on your phone and call us with your potential on the line. Let me know if you have questions on this. I know this is so different from what we are used to, but it works like a charm!

There are some PDF files you might want to send to customers on the Thrive Teampage under FILES. The first one is customer testimonials. The next 4 are the ingredients of the products.


They take the capsules on an empty stomach first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, 20-60 minutes later drink the shake and then put on the patch on their bicept, shoulder or upper buttocks. When starting the product, it is recommended, they start with only 1 capsule to see make sure they tolerate it just fine. Also the patch should be rotated and not put in the exact same spot to avoid irritation. The patch can get wet. They just wear it for 24 hours, remove it and replace with a new one.

Think of 4 people who you think will join you as a promoter and 4 people who you think will benefit from this product. We want to get you your first 2 bonuses to get you back your investment and some money in your pocket.

Get your Thrive On!

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