Math ll Honors Newsletter

Mrs. Carmendy's Class

First Week of School

We had a fun first week of school in Math ll Honors. We kicked off the year by doing a team building activity so that we could work together as a team to pass the NCFE Final Exam and be the best that we can possibly be! We saved a gummy worm named fred from drowning. Pictures can be seen below! We moved on to Fred functions which was a short unit. We learned how to flip, translate, and dilate functions as well as identify the domain and range. We created our own personal zoos to learn midpoint and distance, and this week we have started to learn transformations. The students have had a blast blogging with geoboards. The students came up with some pretty unique shapes to flip, rotate, translate, and dilate! Test will be this Friday for Unit 1 Transformations. Check out all our pictures from the first week below.