Conscious Life Jam 2013

Sponsored by // September 5th-7th // 9am-7pm PDT

What Is It?

In the day to day movement of this planet, staying in our center, staying grounded in this thing called life can be a challenge. We live in an incredibly busy world, a world where at times, connection can be a rare thing. While technology is often blamed for this disengagement, we believe it has the power to unite us, to connect us across cultural and geographical boundaries, to make our world a smaller, richer, more accessible place.

Thanks to the support of our sponsor, Spiritual Living Radio Network, we are proud to present the first annual Conscious Life Jam, an online, digital event that creates community and unites like minded people and leaders in real time. Regardless of where you are in the world, this event is available to you to raise your consciousness, lift your spirits, and empower you to interact with leaders in the New Thought movement.

On September 5th-7th,--from 9am-7pm PDT, daily--The Great Minds of the One Mind organization will facilitate real time calls with leaders and organizations from the New Thought movement, such as:

Due to's generosity, the willing kindness of so many leaders, and the dedication of our team, we are excited to present this event at no cost. Simply enter your name and email address here to register for this uplifting, empowering event.

How Does It Work?

No two social media jams are the same, but the overall structure allows us to achieve two fantastic aims: facilitating conscious connections in real time, and leaving no carbon footprint. At all times, we act with compassion toward our participants, our hosts, our team, and our world. By eliminating travel from the equation, we respect and care for our earth both by cutting pollution and raising the vibration of life on this planet.

To participate, simply enter your email address here. A few hours prior to the event, we will email you access codes to our conference lines where you will be able to listen to conversations between our hosts and facilitators in real time. Imagine, listening to leaders like John Waterhouse, Barbara Fields, David Bruner, Ernie Chu, and others in real time. And better yet, we empower you to ask them questions yourself!

Our team of social media experts will be working some magic during the event that will allow everyone to get in on the fun. If you are listening to one of the calls and want to ask a question, simply take to Facebook, twitter, or tumblr, and post or tweet your question using the hashtag #CLjam, and be sure to include the name of the host or organization of which you want to ask the question. Our team will see all the questions as they are posted and be able to ask these leaders to discuss them live! You can also submit questions on our website, or by posting on our Facebook wall. Be sure to like us on Facebook and get notifications for the page. We will be posting insights, quotes, and resources from our interviews and conversations as they happen.

Can't be on the calls live? No worries! All our conversations will be recorded for posterity. Simply register for the event and we will email you a password for a members only area of our website where you can listen to the entire conference on your time, for free.

I Want to Help!

If you feel compelled to help, thank you. This event is really all about you. There are a few different ways you can make it as successful as possible.

1) Donate to The generosity and vision of Spiritual Living Radio Network is what makes it possible to present this event at no cost to you. If you are able, please support them in their fundraising efforts on Indiegogo in preparations for their launch later this year. We are thrilled to partner with them on this event. To learn more about their mission and how you can help, click here.

2) Follow us on social media. We will be live tweeting and posting to Facebook during the event as things happen. Whether you can access the calls or not, this is a great way to connect with like minded people.

3) Like what you see? Share it! The power of the Conscious Life Jam is in your hands. If you see a piece of wisdom on page that resonated with you, share it or retweet it. Do you know someone or a whole lot of someone's who would love to be a part of this event? Invite them to like our page and follow us on twitter. We promise, we'll add value to their lives, and together, we can create a smaller, more compassionate, more engaged world.

4) Send us your feedback. If there is something you loved about the jam, and you want us to know, we'd love to hear from you. If there are features, speakers, or subjects you would like us to discuss in the future--or if you are interested in having us facilitate a social media jam for you, your organization, or a specific cause--contact us here.

Come say hello!

Whether you have questions, feed back, or are interested in organizing your own social media jam, we would love to hear from you!