Survival Guide for Devon Island

Facts of Devon Island

locations of Devon Island

Devon Island is located in Canada,or North America. The temperture is very low and dont get much rain. The climate is polar and is very cold. The annual temperture is very cold which is -16 degrees celcius.

Four steps to survive

find water, find food, get things to build a shelter, and build a shelter. Build a shelter with bricks from other things inside the island. Get water from the sea around the island. Find food from animals like fish from out the sea. After i get bricks from the things around the island build the shelter for me.

list of Three Animals

Musk Oxen, small birds, and mammels are in Devon Island its not hurtful and it has meat that i can eat.

Are these animals most likely to be dangerous

Yes these animals are most likely to be dangerous in certain kinds of ways.

Three plants that live in Devon Island

The Nature Beeking Forum is a plant, the Evergreen is a plant, and the Flora is a plant that lives in Devon Island

How can this plant be helpful to me

This plant can be helpful to me by feeding me with its great flavor.

Is this plant edible

will this plant be edible for me to eat? Yes this plant is edible to me to eat.

How can this plant be harmful to me

This plant can be harmful to me because it might be poisonous.

Is this plant poisonous

Is this plant poisonous? It can be and it cant be so some of them is and some of them is not.