Vocabulary From Classical Roots

Lesson 3

Fill in the blank

During the Cold War era, there was a ________ fear of nuclear warfare and its repercussions, especially in regards to mutually assured destruction between major nuclear powers.




adj. spread throughout a wide geographic area; worldwide


pan: all

demos: people

all people; worldwide


Although not listed in the VCR book, the word "pandemic" can also be used as a noun meaning "an outbreak of a worldwide or pandemic disease," so a pandemic and a pandemic disease are synonymous terms.

Choose the wrong sentence

a. The pandemic issue of world hunger is something the new prime minister hopes to address in his upcoming speech.

b. Influenza is a pandemic health concern nearly every year because of the mutation of the virus and poor sanitary procedures during flu season.

c. The mayor won by a landslide because of his focus on pandemic issues such as local education and promises of revamping the public transport infrastructure.

d. Lack of support for President-elect Trump is pandemic after the election in early November.