Lexie Gutknecht

How homelessness Affects our Health

Homelessness causes health problems. When you are homeless you are exposed to violence, disease, poor nutrition, lack of control over your daily life and temptations to alcohol, drugs and tobacco. All the things that people think can help them survive or be able to cope with their living conditions.

Prevention's for Homelessness

Help people keep their private or community houses if its being threatened and help people find houses where it is necessary. Also we need better shelters and living areas for those who cant afford their own home so they don't live in crowded areas and so they cant be exposed to bad diseases and become seriously ill and possibly die.

Homelessness All over the World

There is 100 million people without a home or a safe place to live. And most of the homeless population in USA are children under 18 and a little under half are families with children and single males but a little of that population are single females.

How We Can Help this Problem

1) The easiest way to help the homeless is to donate your money. This makes sure that professionals who understand where the most help is needed will have the resources necessary to help people.

2) Donating your used or new items is another easy way to help. Donate these items to local organizations which help the homeless or give them to homeless people you see frequently.

3) Everyone needs to eat and they need to eat every single day. If you're hungry, your ability to make good decisions for yourself isn't very good, right? There are lots of ways that you can help homeless people get food.

4) If you're in a position where you can give someone a job, do that. Whether it's offering to hire and train someone in a position like a secretary or file clerk, or just letting them do odd jobs like mowing your lawn, this can really make a huge difference for someone.

5) If you see people on the streets, one of the best things you can do for them is to call the local homeless services. Some people may not know how to locate help and so they never get it. Call for them and get them on the path to recovery.

6) If someone is clearly having a serious problem, call emergency services. If you see someone who is clearly having a psychotic episode, call the Emergency Services. If you see someone who may be a danger to themselves or others, call for help also. If someone is in danger because of weather conditions or seems likely to commit suicide, call Emergency Services also.

Help stop people from losing their homes, because would you want to lose yours?

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