What you know NOW, can protect your unborn child's life!

"Agents that can disrupt prenatal development and cause malformations or termination of the pregnancy" (Levine, L. E. & Munsch, J. (2014), p.146).
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HELP - know the facts:

Reduce the risk, know the negative impact teratogens have on your unborn child's life.

- abnormalities in embryo and fetus development
- visual adversities
- loss of hearing
- heart function impairments
- congenital & birth defeats
- brain development delay
- physical deformities
- lifelong disabilities
- miscarriage, stillborn and death
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OBSERVE - your intake:

Be aware of what you inhale and take in orally, it affects your child's development in the womb and later in life.

Avoid Alcohol: (AFFECTS)
- facial deformities
- attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
- behavioural, emotional, cognitive impairments
- delay in motor skills
- heart defeats
- premature births, miscarriages

Avoid Smoking: (AFFECTS)
- low birth weight
- constricting blood vessels
- limits oxygen flow
- premature births, miscarriages

Avoid Prescription & Illegal Drugs: (AFFECTS)
- growth deficits
- lifelong learning disabilities
- language skills
- beware of acne or skin condition medications
- premature births, miscarriages
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PROTECT - Your Baby:

Complete wellness of your unborn child begins with you. Reduce the risk by seeing your doctor today.

To Do:
- eat proper nutrition
- exercise regularly
- get plenty of sleep
- attend prenatal classes
- see a prenatal counselor

Medications for these conditions can cause major side affects to your unborn child. Consult your doctor if your have:
- asthmatic
- diabetes
- high blood pressure

Check with your doctor before taking any vitamins or medications.
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EXPOSURE - environmental hazards:

Long term exposure to any environment hazards can have severe consequences on your unborn child's development. If you are exposed, please contact your doctor right away.

Exposures include:
- bacteria, especially in poor drinking water conditions
- virus (Zika)
- diseases (Rubella, Syphilis)
- lead & mercury
- radiation treatment or Chemotherapy
- X-rays
- environmental chemicals or pollutants
- high stress levels

If you have been exposed to the following, please contact your doctor immediately, as they can cause birth deficits.

- Herpes
- Genital warts
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Remember, you are not alone, help and support are here waiting for you.

For further information please contact:
1. Your family doctor
2. Ministry of Community and Social Service
3. Your local community health unit
4. Your school counselor

Here are some resources to take a look at on-line:
1. http://www.aboutkidshealth.ca/En/ResourceCentres/PregnancyBabies/Pregnancy/HealthCareinPregnancy/Pages/Things-to-Avoid-During-Pregnancy-Teratogens.aspx
2. http://www.healthline.com/health/pregnancy/teratogens
3. http://www.vch.ca/

HOPE for a better future.