Wayne Gretzky

Hockey's Greatest Leader

What was Wayne Gretzky involved in that made him a leader?

-Wayne Gretzky was the captain of various NHL teams such as the Edmonton Oilers(which he won 4 Stanley Cups with), Los Angeles Kings, St Louis Blues and New York Rangers.

-He has the most points(2,857) of all time and the most assists(1,963) and goals(894) of all time in the NHL

-When Gretzky joined the Oilers in the early 80's and immediately impacted the team scoring 137 points

-In this he got 86 assists showing he's a team player

What actions did Gretzky take to show leadership?

-He was appointed captain very early on in his career yet he was very mature about it

-He almost always lead the league in assists when he was playing showing that he trusted his teammates and was very good at making his team play as a team, not a group of individuals

-He lead by example to by scoring the amount of goals he did per season

Which three leadership traits did they apply?

-Lead from the front-but don't leave your base behind

-Lead from the back—and let others believe they are in front.

-Appearances matter—and remember to smile.

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