By: Logan S

Weather paragraph

Floods can cause terrible disasters. Floods can take everything,(according to national geographic) they can clear out trees, rocks, and even bridges. Floods can kill very easily when people try to walk through flooded areas. If the water is over 6 inches deep people can be sweeped of their feet and most likely never be found agen. Floods can come from many things like heavy rain falls and when snow starts to melt. Floods can form between minutes of rain or up to a few days. Even the smallest source of water can become a flood with a little rain. A small creek can become a raging river. In conclusion flood can cause lots a damage.

Flood power

This is a picture of a bus that was picked up and pushed it up agents a tree and started to bend it.


Big image

Flood levels

This flood was so big it flooded all the way up to the roof.


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