grade 7 inquiry


In my day blogs I will briefly talk about the research I did but at the bottom is the full research.

Day 1

So, a few days ago our geography teacher gave us an assignment about a inquiry, basically we would get a country and we would make a open ended question.The open ended question i about how things might change the physical features of the land. When the day came for us to get a country I got Vanuatu. So it seems like a very interesting place to research, so I am looking forward to research it.

Day 2

Today I came up with a question, so my questions :

Do Natural or Human activities cause a bigger impact on landform.

To answer my question I will split it into 2 parts how human activity changed landform and natural activity that changed landform. Then I will compare them and come to an answer.

Day 3

Today I started my research and decided to look at natural activities and the first website I visited was really interesting because it had circle graphs that should how much of what type of natural disaster happened during the time period of, 1990-2014.After looking at this website was surprised because I thought that Vanuatu has a lot of volcanoes and most of the natural disasters would be Volcanoes.So I did some research on where in the world Vanuatu is located and how its location can effect its features.

Day 4

Today I looked back at a check list we got to keep track of how we are doing and I noticed that I was not doing my research properly so what I need to do is direct my research and focus on 1 topic for example pollution.So from my previous research I know that Vanuatu has many volcanoes also volcanoes can create new rocks or change landform when they erupt.So I have now directed my research and am focusing on Volcanoes in Vanuatu.Also I created a question which is:

How do Volcanoes in Vanuatu alter or change the landform?

Day 5

Today I carried on and looked at Volcanoes and there effect on Vanuatu.

Day 10

I know I don't blog each day but I do post websites,videos and images each day and for the past few days I added some and know I think I am able to answer my question.

Day 11

Today when I went to school we were told that we should all be at the stage where we contact a professional so because I am at that stage I will start looking for a professional.

-University of Vanuatu

-Vanuatu environment department

-Volcano live

-The watchers

Day 12

Today I started to look for professionals and I found some people that might be able to answer my over all question.

-The watchers (look at any kind of volcanic activties)

- The Redd desk (vanuatu's environment department )

-University of Vanuatu(have a course in geography)

Day 13

Today I will contact all the experts I hope one of them gives an answer.

Prevention Web






*Number of volcanoes

8-year moving average 2005-2013Extensive [%]Intensive [%]



House destroyed28.30100.000.00

House damaged10.75100.000.00

Injured people1.75100.000.00

Displaced people475.25100.000.00

Combined economic loss (US$)667,731.40100.000.00

Vanuatu government

*November-April=wet or cold season also known as cyclone season

*southwest pacific is on the route of which most cyclones travel through

*are of Vanuatu dry or wet receives 2-3 cyclones in the season

*Greatest in January and February

*Marginal seas is a common route for 20-30 cyclones

*3-5 causing sever damage

*hard to predict

*erratic in movement

*Maintain Southey movement

*Vanuatu being small islands grouped together in a north to south distribution are effected by almost every cyclone passing through.

Encyclopaedia of the world

*Vanuatu=result of north-ward moving titonic plates

*very active titonic area

* consists of Pliocene-Pleistocene volcanic rocks and uplifted coral

*experiences significant volcanic activity


*sever cyclons and earth quakes are regular

* food and fish freezing, wood processing, meat canning

Vanuatu Volcanoes

*9 active volcanoes

*7 on land and 2 under the sea


*knock down forest

*clog rivers

*forms new land

*can form new rich soil

*can cover land with new rocks

*large area can be effected by

-ash falls



-pyroclastic flows

-steam explosions

Big image
Mount Yasur