Salad Master

The BEST life changing decison you could ever make

First off, what is Salad Master?

Saladmaster was established in 1946. However, the company began operation on January 5, 1947 in Dallas, Texas in the home of founder, Mr. Harry Lemmons. With a capital of $9,000, Mr. Lemmons purchased office equipment, inventory, and sales prizes.

When the company began, the inventory consisted of one product – the Saladmaster Machine. Today the Saladmaster Machine is world renown.

At the national convention in 1950, Mr. Lemmons introduced another exclusive product to his sales force, Mirror Masterbuilt Aluminum Cookware. This set included the exclusive vapo-valve in the covers. Stainless Steel Cookware was not available at that time. Mr. Lemmons was featured in the Wall Street Journal.
In February 2008, Saladmaster introduced the world to Saladmaster 316Ti - Titanium Stainless Steel Cookware. Saladmaster is the only cookware company in the WORLD to offer products made of 316Ti steel made in steel mills in the U.S. and Switzerland. It's clean, pure and safe.

How to earn a $450 SaladMaster Machine, for FREE.

As your local SaladMaster consultant, Im here to tell you that I don't like sales. That's right. But I love people, and I love knowledge. Truth be told, when I learned about pots and pans that were over $500, I nearly walked out. "Who in their right mind would buy this?!" I kept asking myself. As it turns out, people with common sense would. The SaladMaster machine by itself is incredible. It turned me into someone who craved salad for BREAKFAST. I can make a irresistible salad for even someone with texture issues like myself, in under 2 minutes.

All I had to do was contact 4 people I knew that might want to know about this, and confirm a free meal to be cooked for them.

I thought at first, oh, I can go buy an electric machine that does this same thing, and I don't have to "bother" anyone. But I couldn't get past how simple and easy the machine was. And, it was FREE, if I could convince 4 qualified couples to eat free food.

Quality of life begins with the very thing we put inside our bodies, the foods we eat, the thoughts we think, the water we drink and the environment we live affects the quality of our health and well being.

Why do we give away a free $450 life changing machine?

Truth be told, we are on the hunt for world changers, thru people you may know. Even if now is not the right time for you to change your world, others you know might be interested. We hard workers at SaladMaster get paid to come cook you a free meal, so we thank you for your time and interest, and hope by word of mouth it is time well spent.

We want to find the people that seek change. That seek better for their bodies. With a two hour presentation, the education provided is true and can be researched, about what chemicals and metals we consume just by cooking food. We filter our water, we buy organic, we make conscious health choices... but at the end of the day, we consume microscopic damaging things. Things that are known to cause cancer. We cook with pans that shrink our organic food, that deplete it of the nourishment (minerals and vitamins) that our bodies so desperately need. Saladmasters vapo-valve system activates at approximately 185° degrees Fahrenheit below boiling and below steaming high enough to kill the bacteria, low enough to preserve even more of the vitamins and minerals. With the Saladmaster system of food preparation your food cooks faster at low heat and it preserves an average of 93% of your foods nutrients. Vitamins and minerals break down when exposed to temperatures above 200ºF. with Common cooking practices such as boiling (212ºF); steaming (232ºF) and microwaving the foods (400ºF) can substantially reduce the vitality of your food . So, with SaladMaster, our motto is that we change lives. And we seek others that want to get the education out there.

SaladMaster is not a pyramid scheme. I was weary of this too, trust me. When I saw the presentation, I was blown away with so many aspects, but I knew I could NOT afford the cookware. I was so completely saddened by this. I didn't cook out of my pots and pans for a week. Because I knew. So, I took spiritual wisdom and seeked out what was on my heart and decided to spread knowledge about what I had learned. This company sells exceptional cookware, that sells itself.

Why is this cookware so incredibly expensive?! Believe me, I had the same immediate reaction. It must be overpriced. It must be. I thought I could find it way cheaper used on Amazon, Craigslist, and Ebay. (By the way, anything sold on websites have a voided warranty, and are known to be regular pans in SaladMaster boxes. We have a team that seeks out and buys these items!)

First off, its 316 Titanium Stainless Steel. The same material used in, and not rejected, by the human heart. Titanium has a high strength to weight ratio making it perfect for aircraft and space exploration. Titanium is one of the most environmentally friendly metals, its natural resistance reduces pollution to water and air from corrosion failures at chemical plants. The Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, is covered with titanium panels.
Pure titanium currently runs $661 per 100g (100grams = 0.22lbs).

Now- the cost and effort to product a vapor locked, titanium stainless steel pan.
The Saladmaster's cooking systems are designed with a super thermo-core construction considered the perfect marriage of metals that distributes the heat 360 degrees evenly. This provides completely even heat, which allows your food to cook faster at lower temperatures, without the need of stirring. Each piece of cookware is considered like a mini oven, you can even bake a cake on the top of the stove.

The pan itself is a 3 ply 316 titanium stainless steel that is made in the USA. Each pan created has provided 3000 US jobs from creation to sales. 316Ti is the most non-porous of all stainless steel and has a surface which is non-stick, which enables you to cook food with less oil.

So. In short, Food is Energy and Energy is Life. In order to preserve our own Health and Vitality, we need to preserve the vitality of the foods we ingest. The last thing that touches our food in the cooking cycle is our cookware. Doesn't it make sense it should be clean and safe?

Let's talk. Let's eat. Let's change lives!

Let me cook you a free meal!

See and taste the difference! Help support a hard working single Mom! :)