Foster Foundations

We do fundraisers to help the needs of foster children.

Foster Care:

A temporary arrangement in which adults provide for the care of a child or children whose birth parent is unable to care for them.

Help us give these foster children a better life by:

  • Donating: to provide for the children's special needs
  • Volunteering: to make the children feel like they aren't different
  • Fostering: to provide a child with a well-built home

We fight for what we truly want!!

1. What is a homestudy?

A homestudy is an in-depth application and interview process conducted by a social worker. It involves in-person interviews, reference checks, background checks, and home visits. Homestudies are not standardized; they follow state regulations and may vary from state to state. The average homestudy takes about three to six months to complete.

2. What is the difference between a public agency and a private agency?

A public agency is the local branch of your state or county social service department. It focuses on finding adoptive families for children in its custody.

A private agency is a state-licensed firm, either for-profit or nonprofit, that may or may not have a religious affiliation. Private agencies typically specialize in domestic infant adoption, foster care adoption, or international adoption.

3. Where do I begin searching for waiting children?

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption works with recruiters throughout the United States and Canada. A listing of recruiters is available in our program sites.

Many states also provide photo listings on their websites. You can also visit the following websites, which feature photo listings of waiting children in several states or provinces:
• AdoptUSKids, a project of the U.S. Department of Health and Human
• Adopt America Network:
• The Adoption Exchange:
• Children Awaiting Parents:
• Canada: