Capetown, South Africa

Reload your fancy cameras for some of Cape Towns cool images

Cape Towns Delicacies!

Do you know what south Africans eat? South Africans produce '' beef, shrimp, and several more scrumptious treats! The people in the village mostly eat'' cabbage, pumpkin, and baby spinach. This might sound a little crazy but pineapples are the primary fruit in south Africa! Last but not least, south Africans delicious desserts like custard pie, and special wine! Just like the U.S.A. South Africans have some of the most unique food i have none in all my life!

Special Holidays

Special Holidays

Did you know that Capetown celebrates several holidays? South Africans celebrates '' New Years Day, Easter, Christmas Day.'' I know you do not know that some south African's celebrate "Human Rights Day", "Freedom Day", Youth day". Holidays are very very special in Capetown!

Cape Town's amazing culture!

Cape Town is a very talented city for South African's! The people have diversity of "musical styles". Did you know that choirs are the primary thing in Cape Town. some South Africa's also participate in "Basketry", "Bead work", " Soapstone carvings"! Cape Town has a variety of arts and crafts.

The people of Capetown 's landmarks can be breathtaking!

One of the famous museums is called the Iziko! Cape Point is very close to Table Mountain National Park, and it is known best for several Shipwrecks! Another museum is called the Fantastic District six museum. Now last but not least, the gold of Africa museum.

Cape Town's special weather!

The wonderful Cape Town's their weather is not all that you might think .On some usual days in South Africa the sun is so firey hot it can burn your skin, but it can't give you a sunburns like in Texas. Secondly, did you know that if you travel enough you can see the wonderful sunsets that South Africa has to offer. Next if you were expecting rain in Africa ha you were wrong. :( Same with snow not in thousand's of years.

Their amazing language's

You might freak out but English is most commonly used in businesses in South Africa. Here are some of the several languages : Nuji, Sotho, Tsonga, Shangana, and Venda.
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