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Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander was born in Edinburgh, in 1847. He experimented with sound as a child but grew up to invent the first wireless communication system. Alexander invented the photo-phone that sent light waves to another photo-phone and the waves were converted into information which could be heard as sound. The device has had a profound effect on society. The invention was patented in 1876 with much debate as to whether Elisha Gray managed to patent his design first.
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The telephone has had extensive influence on today's culture and habits. Many people walk around with telephones in their pockets all day. If not for Alexander Graham Bell, communication throughout the country would have to come by radio which would be very difficult to keep up with on a large scale. Businesses became much more efficient because people could now communicate over long distances without relying on telegraph lines or the postal system.Overall, a lot of the workload on businesses and individuals was decreased because you no longer had to walk five to ten miles just to ask a friend if he or she wanted to go out to dinner.