By: Aidan McGinnis Period:4


Mercury is used to make many scientific instruments in laboratories such as a thermometer and a barometer. Mercury can also be used in batteries and pesticides! Mercury has some electrical uses as well like in a mercury switch. Gaseous Mercury can even be used in advertising signs.

Basic Info

-The symbol for Mercury is Hg

-Mercury is in group 12 period 6 and has an atomic mass of 80

- Mercury is a silvery white color and is classified as metallic

- Mercury has an atomic weight of 200.59

- Some forms of Mercury are toxic

Mercury is also called Quicksilver, but many of it's foreign names use Quicksilver instead of Mercury, Germany calls it Quecksilber!


-Known to ancient Chinese and Hindus before the year 2000 B.C.

- Found in tubes from Egypt dating back to the year 1500


Mercury is the only element to be a liquid at room temperature. It is a good conductor of electricity and a bad conductor of heat. Organic forms of this element can be extremely dangerous. Mercury is very hard to find in nature and is mainly found in cinnabar ore in Spain and Italy.

Geology and Biology

-Mercury is not found anywhere in the human body

- Mercury is found in 1 ppb in the universe


-Can be toxic

-Only liquid at room temperature

-Has a melting point of 234.32

-Has a boiling point of 629.88

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