Written by: Vince Vawter, Smore by: Maria Miller

A Brief Summery

A young boy that lives in Memphis during the 1950's has to take over his friends paper delivering job. During this time he meets both good and bad people, that end up changing his life. One of the people that he meets treats him like an adult and not the stuttering kid that he is. When a homeless man named Ara T starts hurting the boy's guardian, he wants to do something. His guardian said that it would be best not to tell the police, because they are white and they don't care about black people, but when Ara T decides to steal his belongings, he decides to take action.

My Prompt

The prompt I chose for this project was prior knowledge. I chose this because I know many things about the time of segregation, and I know how black and white people were treated differently.

My Prior Knowledge on Segregation

In the 1950's the US decided that it would be best if the black and the white people were separated from each other. That meant that black people were only allowed to sit in the back of a bus (unless accompanied by a white person), They had to go to school with people of there own color, and that they couldn't go to some of the same places. At the time, white people were afraid of black people, for similar reasons to why some Americans are afraid of Muslims today. It wasn't until the early 1960's that segregation ended in America.

My Prior Knowledge on Paperboys

I don't know much about paperboys, but I do know that they delivered paper. Before I read this book, I knew that a paperboy was someone that delivered a newspaper. During the school year, they would have to wake up early and deliver papers before school. Back in the 1950's, paperboys were mostly teens, but now most of the people that deliver papers are adults. Many people in the 1950's got the paper, because the newspaper was one of the only ways of finding out what was going on in the world. Now, we have phones, and other things that can give us this information.
Big image
This picture shows boys from ages 10-15 about to deliver papers.


My Prior Knowledge on Memphis

This story takes place in Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis, Tennessee, as far as I knew, was hot during the summer, so when I saw when that was mentioned, I wasn't surprised. I also know that Tennessee was next to Alabama, another state with segregation problems. One thing I didn't know was that there were many homeless people living in Memphis at the time, like Ara T from the story. I also learned that Memphis used to hold many criminals. I didn't really know much about Memphis, Tennessee before I read this book, but now I know a lot more.
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This is a map of Tennessee. Memphis is in the lower left corner of Tennessee.