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The Mighty Knight Connection - October 2014 - Issue 3

Buckingham Elementary

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BE Amazing!

Important Announcements

Picture Day - October 9

Order Forms will be sent home via the Thursday Folder on October 2nd - in advance of Picture Day. Please review the form carefully, as the District is using a new company this year - and options have changed. Whether you are purchasing photos or not, please be sure to return the envelope with your child's specific form the day of photos.

Picture retake date is set for Thursday, November 20th.

Meaningful Feedback in our Classrooms

Throughout our school, classroom lessons and activities have been taught to help students learn about the new reporting system, standards, and indicators. Teachers and students are analyzing "student work" and discussing the expectations with out new Learning Standards and Progress Standards of our curriculum. Great conversations are happening as students are hearing and receiving quality feedback about their progress.

Giant A+ Rewards begins October 3rd!

Last year, Buckingham raised more than $1,650 with just 75 registered cards! Please register your Giant Reward Card today so we can take full advantage of the October 3rd to March 19th eligible window! Then, when you use your Giant Reward Card at ANY Giant Store, Buckingham receives a portion of that sale!

All you have to do is:

Let's work together to go above 100 cards for Buckingham! Thank you for your continued support!

Celebrate Education Week - Oct 13-17

Please review the following schedule for dedicated grade-level times to come visit classrooms. We ask that you make every attempt to follow the schedule due to parking limitations at Buckingham. If your personal schedule does not permit you to join us at the specified times, please come at your convenience. We ask that you notify the teacher of this change. Thank you!

Celebrate Education Week Schedule:

Tuesday, October 14 - 3rd Grade (9:30AM-11:30AM); 5th Grade (1:45PM-3:15PM)

Wednesday, October 15 - 2nd Grade (9:30AM-11:30AM); 1st Grade (1:00PM-3:00PM)

Thursday, October 16 - 6th Grade (9:00AM-11:00AM); 4th Grade (1:00PM-3:00PM)

Friday, October 17 - KDG AM (9:30AM-11:00AM); KDG PM (1:30PM-3:00PM)

- The Buckingham Office

Halloween Reminders...

October has arrived and there are many ghosts and ghouls preparing for Halloween Night! Buckingham is also making preparations to celebrate and will be sending invitations for our Parade Celebration held during the AM of Friday, October 31st. We hope you will be able to join us for the parade beginning at 9:30AM - outdoors (weather permitting). All classroom parties will take place from 2:30-3:10 PM (or at an adjusted schedule communicated by the grade-level). Homeroom Coordinators (HRC's) will be reviewing information from the PTO with respect to volunteers, balanced menu specifications, and activities. Please note, due to District regulations, Volunteer Parents for classroom parties will be notified in advance by their HRC's - and will be the only parents permitted to join classrooms during the afternoon parties. More information will be shared in the coming weeks!

Buckingham's "Manner of the Month"

This month’s “Manner of the Month” is: Including Others

It is important that we stop for a moment to consider others' feelings and how our choices impact others. INCLUDING OTHERS who may be “left out” or feeling like they do not have many friends, can positively impact others in a beautiful way. If you notice someone at your lunch table often eating by themselves, consider asking them to join your group. If you see a fellow student walking down the bus aisle looking for a place to sit on a crowded bus, consider moving over and inviting them to join you. If you are playing a game of soccer on the playground, and you notice someone has not been picked for a team, consider encouraging them to play on your team.

There are so many ways we can have a positive impact on our school and community, and stopping to think about how you can INCLUDE OTHERS is a great place to start.

-Mr. Rosica & Mr. Durie

News & Upcoming Events

School Calendar


Oct. 1 - Student Council Speeches (Grades 4-6)

Oct. 2 - Student Council Voting (Grades 4-6)

Oct. 4 - Yom Kippur (Saturday)

Oct. 6 - Fire Prevention - Primary Grades

Oct. 9 - Picture Day at Buckingham (Forms to be Sent Home)

Oct. 13-17 - Celebrate Education Week - Timing TBD

Oct. 13 - Spirit Assembly - Global Safarai (AM)

Oct. 14 - Central Bucks School Board Meeting - Educational Services Center - 7:30PM

Oct. 15&16 - Fall Fest Ticket Pre-Sale (During Lunch)

Oct. 15 - Market Day Pick-up - Gym Foyer - 3:00PM-5:00PM

Oct. 18 - Buckingham PTO Fall Fest

Oct. 20-24 - Red-Ribbon Week

Oct. 20&21 - 5th Grade Ropes Course Field Trip - Team-Building

Oct. 24 - 6th Grade Halloween Party - 7:00PM

Oct. 28 - Central Bucks School Board Meeting - Educational Services Center - 7:30PM

Oct. 31 - Halloween (Parade in the AM)

Author Coming to the Buckingham Library

Local, award winning author, Sherrill Cannon, will be visiting Buckingham's PM Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders on Wednesday, November 12th. Her stories teach valuable lessons touching upon topics like bullying, character development, and even finding your "inner" super hero. An order form went home in Thursday folders for an opportunity for a personalized and autographed copy of her books. They are due Thursday, October 16th. Please contact our librarian, Mrs. Kraus, if you need a new order form.

From the Buckingham Music Department

4th graders will be starting their journey into “Recorder Karate” soon – slips are due back to Mr. Weir by October 15th

5th and 6th grade Holiday Chorus rehearsals begin Friday October 3rd in preparation for the Holiday Concert on Dec. 18th

Red-Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is scheduled for October 20-24. Students and staff will be participate in "Spirit Days" and committing to remain “drug-free.” A flyer detailing all of the activities will be coming home in the next few weeks. In addition, students in all grade levels will follow the grade-level specific curriculum for theTobacco, Alcohol and Other Drugs lessons during this week.

CB East Patriot Players Presents: Peter Pan

Where: CB East

Who: CB East Patriot Players Thespian Troupe

When: Noevmebr 21 at 7:30PM; November 22 at 2:00PM & 7:30PM; November 23 at 2:00PM.

Click Here for Ticket Information!

Young Rembrandts: Power of Drawing - Session-2 Sign-Up Information

The next session of Young Rembrandts will begin the last week of October. If interested, please click here to print registration form or enrolonline at:


Registrations due: Last week of October

CB Cares Boomerang Nominations

October: #35 Resistance Skills. Young person is able to recognize risky or dangerous situations and makes positive choices when faced with challenging events in their life. They are able to resist peer pressure.

Students/Parents/Teachers, please nominate a Buckingham student by clicking here! In your paragraph, include how your nominee exemplifies this month’s asset. Nominations are due to Mr. Rosica by Friday, October 22nd.

School Happenings

"I hereby solemnly swear..." - Readers' Oath

5th Graders from Mrs. Mullen's classroom held an honorary ceremony in promising to read throughout the school year - becoming better readers in the process. To help with the Readers' Oath, Mr. Funseth was the Master of Ceremony leading the children in reciting the poem. As part of classroom community building, teachers facilitate activities at the beginning of the school year, like the Readers' Oath, to establish expectations and routines to help students meet goals and reach their potential!

First Grade "Johnny Appleseeds"

First Grade celebrated Johnny Appleseed on Wednesday September 24th. Students learned all about Johnny Appleseed - his life in and around Pennsylvania and his role in the planting of apple orchards. Students were introduced to lifecycles by following an apple from seed to fruit. They learned about recipes and helped to make homemade applesauce. They also taste-tested red, green, and yellow varieties of apples, then graphed their favorites. They were surprised that yellow was the winner since most had never tried yellow apples before. They learned that trying new things can often be delicious J

5th Grade "Got Grit?"

The theme in 5th grade this year is Got GRIT? Students have been learning about GRIT and resiliency through interactive read-alouds and hands on experiences. On Tuesday, students wrote words or phrases they feel when struggling through a difficult task - on pieces of wood!? We then went outside and used sand paper to sand away those negative thoughts and to demonstrate the power of pushing through a difficult task. One tough 5th Grade team!

From the Buckingham Art Department

Our halls are coming alive with color!

· Miss Doyle’s class completed their Mighty Knight Shields using tissue paper to create dimension in the artwork. We personalized the shields with student initials.

· First grade just completed their “Primary Popsicle Paintings”. Students were amazed when they mixed the secondary colors for the backgrounds of their paintings. They used a variety of lines to create movement in their work.

· Second grade just completed their Paper Batik Mighty Knight Shields. They used a crayon resist to make their starbursts pop.

All of our Buckingham students are working on the Buckingham Silver Graphics PTO fundraiser.

WBMK - Buckingham's Student Broadcast Team

This is our second year televising WBMK, Buckingham's LIVE weekly news. Through the support of our Buckingham PTO, Buckingham has the best equipment to make it possible for our elite team of 30-sixth graders to produce and anchor school news through a weekly closed caption broadcast.

Our LIVE broadcasts are starting in the month of October with guidance from Mrs. Kraus, Mrs. Vice, and Miss Mullen. We are excited to add a teleprompter this year to make it easier for the broadcasters to relay the weekly news. Something else that is new for year two, are "special report" teams. The students on these teams will be planning, filming, and editing clips with events happening around Buckingham as well as some fun projects.

It is a wonderful opportunity for students to begin dabbling into the world of broadcasting and TV editing. Quiet on the set! Going LIVE in 3, 2, 1 ...

Buckingham Garden Update

This past summer, local families and organizations reaped the rewards of the hard work and dedication of our students planting efforts this past spring. As a result, Buckingham was able to harvest many delicious vegetables which included 3-pounds of beans to the Doylestown Food Pantry! We hope to repeat our efforts this year!

Beginning in September, our volunteer 5th and 6th graders took time from their recess period to begin our Fall planting efforts. Our 5th graders have learned about composting and began working toward creating rich soil to use for our plantings this spring. The 6th graders have planted brussel sprouts, bok choy, radishes, and fall lettuce with parent volunteer parent, Mrs. Liz Chodelka and an expert from a local garden organization, Pennypack.

This year, parent representatives will be working with parents and classrooms from each of our grade-levels for the remainder of the school year.

Great job Buckingham!

From the Buckingham PTO...

Book Fair Continues... Sir Read-A-Lot's Castle

We hope you were able to enjoy the Buckingham Book Fair Parent Nights this past Monday and Tuesday evenings! In addition to your child's dedicated library time this week, this Thursday (3:30PM-4:00PM) and Friday are the last chances for purchasing a great book at the Scholastic Book Fair.

There is a wide selection of new books that range at age-appropriate reading levels. Every class who has gone to the Fair has enjoyed their time looking over the selections. The Fair concludes this Friday afternoon at 1:00PM.

Thanks to Mrs. Tinari and all the volunteers who helped with the planning and organization for the event!

Get Involved with the Buckingham Fall Fest - Volunteers Needed!


Fall Fest is just weeks away and we are still in need of volunteers to help make 2014 our best year ever! There are lots of opportunities to help and have fun. This year you sign-up online (Sign-Up Genius) for what works for YOUR family's schedule - allowing for more flexibility! Former Middle & High School students are invited to lend a hand, as well!

Here’s how you sign up:

  1. www.signupgenius.com/findasignup
  2. Choose: Find by email
  3. Enter: cmdad2@comcast.net

Thank you for your support!

Kid Stuff Book Sale Important Information

All book orders are due no later than Friday October 3rd!

Our school earns 50% or more profit on each book sold. Books went home last week so be sure to review all the great deals! The book pays for itself with just a few coupons. Thanks for your support of Buckingham!

General PTO Meeting Recap

On Wednesday, September 17th, parents attended the first PTO General Meeting of the year and enjoyed a presentation given by our WBMK-TV Leaders, Mrs. Kristen Kraus (Librarian) and Mrs. Carrie Vice (PEN Teacher). Our teachers spoke on the implementation of our "new" TV Studio last year - and how it has changed/improved for the year ahead. Following the presentation, parents received a tour of the equipment and set - Thanks to the PTO for their support in funding of our studio!

PTO Co-President, Cindy Meyers, reported on PTO initiatives and updates for the year ahead.

Lastly, Mr. Funseth shared the various summer intiatives completed and reported on the opening weeks of school - Thanks to everyone in attendance for joining us!

Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 20th at 9:30AM - Featuring Dr. David Bolton, Assistant Superintendent of CB Elementary Schools.

School Mission

We, the Buckingham School Community, foster the academic, social, and emotional growth of our children. We establish a safe environment that encourages collaboration and life-long learning where students accomplish their personal goals. We are committed to supporting children through a well-structured learning environment built upon research-based best practices. The Buckingham School Community is dedicated to developing creative students of character who are responsible, contributing citizens.

Buckingham Elementary School

PO Box 158, 2414 Durham Road

Buckingham, PA 18912-0158

Principal, Karl Funseth

Principal's Secretary, Janice Petrie