3rd six weeks Homework 👌✌

By:Blu Ayala 💗💖

Graphic Organizers

A graphic organizer sorts out you ideas thought concepts and it expresses your knowledge.

Some graphic organizers are Venn Diagram, Concept Map, Cause And Effect Diagram, etc.

Point Of View

The point of view is the position at which the author is telling the story. There are three types of point of view that we learn. There is 1st person, 3rd person limited and 3rd person omniscient. 1st person is when there is only one person telling the story about them selves and you can only here there thoughts. Key words in a 1st person story are my, me, myself, and I. 3rd person limited is when the narrator is telling the story and he/she can only hear one person's thoughts and feelings. 3rd person omniscient is when the narrator is telling the story but he can hear everybody's or more than one person's thoughts and feelings. Key words in 3rd person limited and 3rd person omniscient are he, she, her, we, us, and him.

Revising And Editing Techniques

Revising and editing is when you go and look back at your paper and fix any mistakes that you have made. We use Rainbow editing to revise and edit our writing. Whe you are revising and editing you are checking your spelling, grammar,and if your writing makes sense. You would always revise and edit before you write your final draft.

Setting On Plot Development

It influences you buy making your reading more intresting and doesn't let the reader get bored when they are reading the story. When you describe the setting you are telling the where the story is taking place and what time. By time we are talking about past present or future. The reader uses plot devolopement to make the reading more better and to make the reader get into the story and wanna keep reading.

Importance of plot and settings.

When you are writng a story it is very important for you to use the plot. The reason why is because it makes your writing better and it gets the reader into the story. If you dont use plot line the reader might get bored and not be intrested in the story. It also helps keeps you writing organized when you are writing.