ESL Update (K-2)

December 2015

Important Dates!

Winter break: December 24th - January 3rd. School begins again on Monday January 4th.

December 5th: Holiday Vendor Fair

December 16th: Late Start

December 23rd (2:45): Winter Classroom Parties / Last day before break

It's Winter!

Please remember to send your students prepared to go outside for recess! Make sure they have hats, gloves, boots, and snow gear when necessary.

Linguistic, Academic and Cross-Cultural Goals

The Urbandale Community School District’s English Learner program goals are:

· To assist English learners and their families in understanding and functioning within American society;

· To involve English learners’ families and the community in the educational process to make education a cooperative effort between home and school;

· To support English learners’ academic success in the content areas at grade appropriate level;

· To promote pride in English learners’ cultural and linguistic backgrounds;

· To educate English learners to the same rigorous standards as all students in the district at grade appropriate levels;

· To accelerate academic and conversational English language acquisition/development in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing through formal language instruction.

The Big 5

Young students learning English and those who already speak English should be exposed to The Big 5 every day. The Big 5 are: Background Knowledge; Oral Language and Vocabulary; Book Knowledge and Print Concepts; Alphabet Knowledge and Early Writing; and Phonological Awareness. Click on one of the buttons below to find out more about each area!

Reading Skills

Kindergarten: Students have been reading informational text and identifying the key details. Remind children that they can learn more about the topic of an informational text by reading the text and looking carefully at the photographs. This will help them find the key details. As a review, remind children that as they read they can ask questions about things they don’t understand and look for answers in the text and pictures.
1st grade: Students have been identifying the main topic and key details in nonfiction text. Remind children that the main topic is the subject. The key details give information about the main topic. The graphic organizer below can be used with most nonfiction texts!

Big image

Our Mission

Every instructional event is also an English learning opportunity for English learners. Based on this premise, the Urbandale Community School District’s English Learner program provides specialized and specific instruction to support social and academic learning proficiency through a combination of formal English language instruction and academic support. In collaboration with students, teachers and families we strive to teach all and reach all. Therefore, our mission as EL professionals will be to collaborate to fully support English learners and their families, both academically and culturally.

Katie Pithan - ESL Teacher (1-5)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have!