Gr 8 NeSA-W Scoring PD


Thank You

I want to express my thanks to all who participated in the Grade 8 NeSA-W scoring professional development. Why? Our three outside consultants noticed something that I have long appreciated when I get to work with middle school teachers: your genunine cooperative spirit, your sense of humor, and your camraderie. This collective attitude and feeling in the room made for an extremely productive day.

NDE Electronic Tools & Grade Book Conversion

As a quick reminder---the NDE tools (raw score calculator and conversion table) that Doug Pierson demonstrated are embedded in our current curriculum documents. In addition, our current curriculum documents contain a suggested conversion from the "State score" into the PowerTeacher gradebook. (As decided by the curriculum writing committee, this is district common summative and a *grade needs to be entered into PowerTeacher.) The suggested conversion uses the aforementioned NDE tools and takes account the current District grading scale (in policy) as well as the new State cut scores for proficiency. This link will take you directly into the Grade 8 Essential Objective 2 UbD (curriculum) page that contains links into the administration guide of this assessment which, in turn, contains links into the aforementioned tools & document.

*As with any other curriculum assessment, you may re-teach, ask for new evidence of student learning, and re-grade.

Grade 7 Writing

A question was asked on one of the feedback cards about whether or not teachers could be using a NDE "like" rubric & scoring tools for Grade 7, 2nd quarter, expository writing. The answer to that is, "Absolutely!" In fact, the curriculum committee went to great lengths to re-format the expository rubric to be used in "NDE/State standard" fashion. This link will take you into the Grade 7 UbD (curriculum) page that contains hyperlinks into assessment administration guides that contain the rubric, NDE tools, and suggested grade book converion table.