Forest Heights 2014

Enjoy your week of April 7th

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This Weeks Events:

  • April 7 Kindergarten Registrations Starts
  • April 7 AR Party Postponed one week
  • April 7 Intensive mClass Progress Monitoring week (RED)
  • April 7 AMC and mCLASS calendars to come
  • April 8 Dental Clinic 1st graders
  • April 8 Cardinal of the Month Luncheon
  • April 8 Science EOY Benchmark 5th grade
  • April 9 Pre-K to Aviation Center
  • April 9 Reading EOY Benchmark 3rd-5th grades
  • April 9 (K-2) Alyson Newton assignment modifications. Bring your iPad 3 -3:45 pm
  • April 10 Math EOY Benchmark 3rd-5th grades
  • April 11 5th grade Band Concert
  • April 11 1st grade to Ashbrook
  • April 14 AR Party
  • April 16 (3-5) Alyson Newton assignment modifications. Bring your iPad 3 -3:45 pm
  • April 17 Tentative Field Day K-2 (morning) 3-5 (after lunch)

The Secret to Unlocking Students' Motivators Video #2

Fire Ants

Please send Mrs. Wallace and I an email (include location) if you encounter ant mounds while at recess or walking our school grounds.

K-5 EVAAS Roster Verification

Roster Verification is coming up. We will be meeting as we did last year to review the rules and policies for completing this process correctly.

This is the perfect time to look at your powerschool list and make sure that all students listed physically appear in your class daily. If not...why? Is this student in an alternative setting, sick, lost, etc. We have to know where all children are. Please forward names to me of student that are physically in your class but not in powerschool or vise versa, students that are on your list but do not appear in your class. This excludes a student that is absent a day here and there. Please submit for anyone out indefinitely or without powerschool info.

WIX Names

Mrs. Wallace only has names from two grades 3-5 teachers. This equates to us needing student names from 8 more teachers. Please turn this info in today!!! It is very important to reserve our WWW trip.

Don't give up on Common Core

We have to keep a positive mindset on Common Core. We have to convince ourselves, our students and parents that we are moving in the right direction. Please filter out learning strategies and interventions. Think back...How are we using our AMC training. If you are in grades 3-5...have you asked about AMC to see if there is any interventions for your lower math students.
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Leah Stewart Powerschool Data Manager/Finance Secretary

Leah has a lot to say...So click here!

Field Day for all AM K-2 and PM 3-5

Thursday, April 17th, 8:45am-2pm

Large Field

We are working to have field day on April 17th. Please be patient as your team members request your assistance and suggestions to make this day eventful and send us out to our Spring Break with a blast. Make sure you are planning all Easter/Spring activities with this in mind.
Counselors Corner

Mr. Hardin will have his info to you this morning. We will let you know when the link has been updated.

Teachers Lunch Menu

Please make sure you take advantage of the special lunches that will be prepared just for you. If we don't eat them we will not get to keep the special choices...

April- 8 -2014: Chicken Tender Salad,come with 4 oz. salad dressing/ roll/tea or milk or orange juice/side veg or fruit.

April-14-2014: 4 ps. Chicken Wings (hot sauce on side)come with bake potato/tea or milk or orange juice/side veg or fruit.

April-28-2014: Beef Veg Soup,come with grilled cheese sandwich/tea or milk or orange juice/side veg or fruit

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Huss Fish and Chicken Sale

Please support our former students of Hunter Huss. We will be taking orders now thru Wed for Fridays Lunch. $8 each and catered by Twin Tops. You can sign up on the counter in the office by the T-Shirt orders. Please give money to Rice or Stewart and mark paid on the order form once you pay. Help us get at least 10 orders so that lunch can be delivered.

Benchmark Testing

  • Teachers K=2 We will have to shut the building down on Tuesday morning for the Science online test.
  • Please be mindful that noise levels must be kept to a minimum while we test. This is great practice for our EOGs
  • We will be using all available staff for testing with accommodations. Please be patient.
  • Any teacher grades k-5 can help find proctors
  • Explain to the little ones how they help our school become the best by listening and working while older kids are testing
  • This is the best practice we can have.