The Respiratory System

The system that gives you life

Respiratory System Song

The parts of the Respiratory System

The Respiratory System is a very important system. This system lets you breathe. The parts of this system are the trachea, the bronchial tubes, the lungs, the heart, diaphragm, air sacs, alveoli, and the nose/mouth.

Some of the parts (in photos)

What is the function of the Respiratory System?

The human respiratory system is responsible for taking in oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide.

What are some of the diseases? How do you keep the Respiratory System healthy?

Lung cancer, anoxia, hypoxia, brain damage, and bad health. To keep your respiratory system healthy, you have to avoid smoking, avoid pollution, do some aerobic exercise (brings in more oxygen), avoid allergies, avoid second hand smoke, stay away fro dusty areas and pollen, breathe in deeply, and drink lots of water

My Respiratory System Paragraph, By Angela Sunshine

The Respiratory System is a system that helps you breathe. The major parts are the nose, mouth, trachea, lungs, air sacs, bronchi, and diaphragm. One of the most important organs are the lungs. The lungs rest on the diaphragm and whenever you breathe in, the lungs expand and the diaphragm contracts. If you breathe out, it does the opposite. The diaphragm is where there is a gap between your lungs. The trachea is under your throat, and the lungs are covered behind your ribs that protect it. The Respiratory System helps you do one of the basic living needs - breathing.

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