Missy Franklin

Her size 13 feet are practically built in flippers


  • Full Name: Melissa Jeanette Franklin
  • Height- 6'1"
  • Weight- 165 lbs
  • Wingspan- 6'4"
  • Size 13 feet.
  • Nicknames- Missy the Missile

Melissa Jeanette Franklin

Coming of Age

Missy Franklin's motivation, built and talent led her to become an olympic swimmer. Melissa Franklin nicknamed Missy was born to Dick and D.A. on May 10, 1995 and raised inCentennial, Colorado. Missy learned to swim at age 5. Her mother was sure of making her a swimmer. According to Biography.com, "Her mother was afraid of the water, so she made sure that Missy learned to swim at age 5 so she wouldn't struggle with the same fear,"(Biography.com).

As a child Missy experimented with other sports. When she was five years old her talent shined when she set her first record by winning the 25-yard backstroke for girls under 6. Later when she was 13, Missy adventured on to the 2008 U.S. Olympic trials for experience,however no one expected the teen to qualify. The Biography channel says, " Franklin competed in her first Olympics in London in 2012, and won four gold medals: one for the 100-meter backstroke, one for the 200-meter backstroke, and a two more as part of the 4-by-200-meter relay and 4-by-100-meter relay teams. "(Biography Channel). Also, Missy brought a bronze medal home from the 4-by-100 freestyle. Totaling five Olympic medals, Missy set two world records, 200m backstroke with a time of 2:04.06 and the 4x100m medley relay with her teammates. Missy Franklin is famous for earning the U.S. 4 gold medals and 1 bronze. As a result Missy Franklin became quite the swimmer.


Missy's mother pushed her to learn to swim at the age of 5 which shows that early experience helped her a lot. Without her Missy wouldn't really have have ventured out of the dryland sports. Missy Franklin had lots of experiences swimming internationally, but she wasn't very well known in the swimmer world until she began to she placed second in an international race. This impacts her in such a way that once she was ready she would be prepared to compete and expect what is coming from all her past experiences. The two world records she set showed the world her ability.

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