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about flowers for algernon

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My book is about a man who has a mental handicap and then gets a surgery to reverse the effects of it. He starts off unable to read or write properly. After the surgery he then gets super intelligent after weeks of studying. The scientists take him to a presentation of the surgery and charlie's freaks out. The mouse they used before dies then charlie then studies the surgery to see if he will die as well. Charlie decides that it is time to see his mother and father so he visits them. Charlie then hasn't the effects of the surgery reversed and he is back where he was before.

charter analysis

he is a man with eyes. he is a man with a mouth. he is a man with a face. he is really smart. he has had a bad childhood.


it is charter vs self. it is that because he has to deal with his mental issues( weather that be super smart or not intelligent).


being the best a a thing isn't always good

book review

4/5 it is an interesting plot with good charters.