Weekly news

The first world War began!

Come join our Army

Are you..

A man with balls?

Aman who isn't scared of anything?

A man with discipline?

A man who conquers all?

the perfect man that i need?

Then i need you!

As you know ther is a World War going on between Germany and France. To help France, we Need man to fight, so we can win from the Germans. how more men we have how stronger we are to win this fight. If you join us, you'll learn the technics! how to shoot, to concentrate well etc. And of course if we win, then you'll get a big tip and a lot of women going to love you! Who won't want that?

Hopefully i see you saturday at the Big Market in the City.

An opinion about the War

I heard bombs and pop everywhere.

I'm really affraid, my mom said there's a World War starting. So i'm really shocked about it.

My mom explains to me that there are two countries they had quarrel, but other countries go help them and so arrows two group against each other.

I found it totally nonsens, can they fight it out in anouther way? Now my country is involved too and we must be a really much money issue. Also may people suffered even to death... My brother must fight and i find it really excited.

I think it takes a lot of time to finish the World War.