By Abby Johnson

Where Tiguas live

The Tiguas lived in Mountains and Basins in West Texas

Food that the Tiguas ate

They ate buffalo, fish, berries and seafood

How the Tiguas got their food

  • Fish/seafood- They went fishing
  • Berries- They picked berries from the fields
  • Buffalo- They hunted

Type of house the Tiguas lived in

They lived in Pueblos, Pueblos are small cities or towns

Weapons and tools that the tiguas used

The Tiguas used bows and arrows and hoes because the Tiguas were farmers . The Tigua men used bows and arrows for hunt and wild game. The Tigua women and children used hoes for farming and crop rotation.

Traditions and Religions

Religion- there religion is Christianity

Traditions- they do a special dance and drum music on Christian holidays

The Organization of the leadership

The leader of the Tigua Indian tribe in El Paso, where tribal members are fighting charges of illegal gambling from the Texas attorney general, has a criminal history spanning nearly two decades.
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Where the Tiguas live now

The Tiguas now live in El Paso last updated in 2014


  • The Tigua are the only Puebloan tribe still in Texas.
  • The main thing that sets the Puebloan Indians apart from other Indian tribes are their distinctive houses
  • The language they spoke was Tiwa