Meet the Maids!

and other details for 2016!!!!

Jennifer Reeves (Maid of Honor)

Jenny and I were randomly (or divinely) placed together in a roommate match when I moved to Athens. Jenny is my best gal, my sounding board, my voice of reason, and my adventure buddy. Jenny embodies determination, organization, and a constant desire to grow. She makes me reach further when I thought I was stretched as far as was possible, and I love that about her!

Marcie Sharp

Marcie and I met in Alaska in 2010. She's one of the most genuine friends and is fiercely loyal to her people. Marcie loves the cold and living life to the fullest; her joy is as contagious as her smile. She's claims both MT and I as pals, and we always pick our friendship up exactly where we left off regardless of how much time has past since being in the same place at the same time.

Katie Lord

Katie and I have known either other for a long time through Katie's sister, Julie. After graduation, Katie became one of my closest confidants. Katie inspires me to make healthy decisions (she makes the BEST paleo cookies) and has always helped me find strength in my weaknesses. Katie recently gave me the honor of standing by her side when she married Jon, and I'm just as honored she's now joining me at the alter.

Caitlyn Kolesar (soon to Wine)

Caitlyn and I met through our Athens Church small group in 2013 and became roommates shortly their afterwards. Caitlyn and I share a love for Georgia Football, movie nights, our adorable dogs, and spending time with those we love. We have so many great stories from people watching at the pool to Bachelor nights. This gal is a true go-getter, and isn't afraid to step out of her comfort zone to achieve her goals. I'm so excited for her upcoming wedding in April!

The Deets

Hey thanks for standing by me through the beginning of our married life. I cherish your friendship and couldn’t imagine my life without you in it. To help you plan (and frankly, to help me) here are some details:

  • Please send me your bust size (don’t ask questions, it’s a secret), favorite color, a fun fact (the funnier or weirder the better), and a photo of you I can post on the interwebs.

  • I would be very grateful if you would purchase your own dress. I’d love it if you found a knee-length gray dress (matte is preferred but I’m open to satin/shiny). Lace or a subtle pattern is totally fine. Ideally, this would be a dress you already own or could wear again. See the photos below for inspiration.

  • Please wear shoes of your choice in the color of your choice (whatever works best with your dress). I’m probably wearing Keds or ballerina flats (still undetermined – but comfortable is what I’m going for). Keep in mind; we’re planning to have an outdoor ceremony, so I would choose a flat, sandal, or a wide heel.

  • We’re also looking at renting cabins at a nearby state park for the weekend of the wedding. Are you interested in staying there the night before or the night of the wedding? Do you need accommodations for your plus one either or both nights? The venue is a little over an hour from Athens, and the state park is 10-15 minutes from the venue.

  • I know we are all busy and a little scattered all over the place, but I would love to get together a few times before the wedding. Jenny and I will try to get those dates coordinated asap.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m so excited about sharing this time with you!