Kentucky Fried Cruelty


The boycott of KFC for animal cruelty

This boycott is known as Kentucky Fried Cruelty...... The notorious, famous, successful business known as KFC is being boycott for the brutal unfair treatment and slaughter of their chicken. KFC is being boycotted due to the slaughter of the chicken and the harsh method of doing so.

The worker speaks....

Hi my name is Buck Wilder, and i'm part of the PETA organization. A recent event and discovery have occurred that the company KFC is using harmful and terrible methods of producing and killing their chicken. For example stories have been told and evidence have been found that the slaughterers of the chickens fail to slit the chickens neck, therefore the chicken is boiled while still living.Would you eat chicken you know that were abused. People go against human cruelty and animal cruelty. But it sounds like people like animals. All animals have the right to be treated fairly even if they are our food. IMagine yourself being boiled alive. You should join this boycott and stop KENTUCKY FRIED CRUELTY!!!!!
Kentucky Fried Cruelty

This video can be really graphic........ for the sake of your sanity don't watch it if you can't handle it please