Dementia isn't a disease but a word used for describing symptoms of certain brain diseases. The disease causes the brain to forgets simple motions and mental capabilities, It may also cause violent mood changes.
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The cause of dementia is large clumps of protein in the brain that are toxic to nerve cells causing them to lose the ability to walk, talk, and eat.


Some of the many symptoms are forgetfulness, confusion, lose of motor controls, and the ability to control mood swings.
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Karl deter is the man who first discovered this disease when he noticed the symptoms in his wife. She had violent mood swings and rapid memory loss caused by dementia.
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Age/Gender specific

dementia wasn't found to be gender specific but age is one of the biggest factors in developing the disease.
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Dementia is irreversible but it is possible to keep yourself from getting it by staying in shape and exercising regularly. All medications differ depending on how severe the illness is but, physical and mental training is found to benefit all victims.
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