Lyme Disease Prevention

Planning and Preparation



Be especially vigilant after spending time in wooded or grassy areas. Deer ticks are often no bigger than the head of a pin, so you may not discover them unless you search carefully. Upon returning home, clothes can be spun in the dryer for 20 minutes to kill any unseen ticks. A shower may help to remove crawling ticks, but will not remove attached ticks.
Ticks are commonly found on body parts such as:
  • Back of the knees
  • Around the waist
  • Inside belly button
  • Under the arms
  • In and around the ears
  • In and around all hair


If you find a tick, don't panic!

To remove an attached tick, follow these steps:

  1. Use tweezers to gently grasp the tick by the head or mouth.
  2. Without squeezing or crushing the tick, pull carefully and steadily directly outward.
  3. Place the tick in a vial or jar of alcohol to kill it.
  4. Clean the bite wound with antiseptic.