March 2014

Loveable Locket Ladies Newsletter

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Record Breaking Month!!!

Drum Roll Please!!!

In February we hit $6,381.75 in PV! Hokey Smokes! Wowza!

Way to go ladies!!! Rockstars on this team!!!You continue to floor me month after month, isn't it amazing that when you set your mind to something anything can be done!


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Wooohoooo I'm offering a super fun incentive which will run from March end of April! For each task you complete you will get another entry to win.... drum roll please! A CUSTOM CAR DECAL made by yours truly and marketing approved of course! Who's up for some fun!? The winners decal will be similar to above, we can customize it to your needs (ie. w/ or w/o phone number).

Point System:
2 entries for each SH webinar attended LIVE
1 entry for each SH webinar watched as a play back
1 entry for each corporate webinar watched
1 entry for each 500 in PV
3 entries for each new recruit
1 entry for any helpful tips or tricks you share on the loveable lockets page

-I will keep track of PV and recruits, to let me know you've completed one of the other tasks i'll set up a document on our team page where you can post your "take aways" from our weekly webinars and tips and tricks!

What's comin' up!?

OMG! That new product reveal, I don't know about you but I have to be honest I watched it not once, not twice, but three times! I am so excited about our new products and I hope you are too! OO is finally introducing earrings, can you believe it!?

Spring will be here before we know it! And our catalogs will be rolling out the door in just a couple of days! (Starting March 7th) And our spring product launch is not far behind (March 17th)

Now is a great time to get a Spring Relaunch date on your calendar! Be sure to invite your past hostesses! Call up everyone you can think of and fill those calendars up. Even your past guests are bound to find something in our new catalog, see who would like one, offer to mail out a few!

Mother's Day is coming up - our fabulous mom/family charms and birthstones make the perfect mother's day gift! Mother's Day could potentially be just as busy as Christmas! Start talking up what a great gift this will make at your parties. If they're making a purchase for themselves today suggest they host to earn moms gift for FREE!
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Ask Me About My Job (Recruiting Game)

This game is great for slipping in lots of sponsoring seeds as well as having fun! It’s called Ask Me About My Job.

Have a roll of tickets (the kind you’d use for a 50/50 draw). Say “For the next 3 minutes we’re going to play ‘Ask Me About My Job’. The first person to come up with a question will get 3 tickets, the 2nd person will get 2 and every question after that earns 1 ticket.” Questions like “How many hours do you work a week?” and “How long have you been doing it?” will start coming at you. Answer them as positively as possible. Ie. “I only work evenings and weekend because I want to be home with my children.” “I’ve been doing this job for 18mos and I’ve never had so much.”

At the end of the Q & A you can either draw for a prize right then and there, or you can tell the guests to hang on to their tickets and do a little more Q & A towards the end of the party (they may have thought of other questions by then).

It’s a lot of fun when the questions start coming in fast and furious… guests try to out-do each other and ask the most questions (they want to be the one with the most tickets) and it’s GREAT for teaching people about your business and how it might benefit them.

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Springtime Flowers

Spell SPRINGTIME down the left side of your paper. Next to each letter, write down a flower that begins with that letter. You get one point for each flower not duplicated by another player! Here are some examples!

S - Sunflower, Strawflower, Sweet Pea, Snowball
P - Petunia, Pansy, Peony, Poppy
R - Rose, Rhododendron, Ruby Lily, Rosemary
I - Iris, Impatiens, Ironweed, Indian Pink
N - Narcissus, Nasturtium, Night shook
G - Geranium, Gladiolus, Gardenia, Goldenrod
T - Tulip, Tiger Lily, Thistle, Trillium
I - Indian Pipe, Indian Paintbrush
M - Marigold, Magnolia, Morning Glory, Mums
E - Evening Primrose, Easter lily, Edelweiss, Eglantine

Who's Movin' Up!

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Congratulations to Stephannie Blish who is now a Leading Designer! She had goals and she wasn't going to take no for an answer this month, way to go rockstar!
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Welcome to the team!!!

A big warm welcome to Tia Collinson & Jessica Crier and Carmie Wojita! Brought on by Stephannie Blish this past month! Woohoo!
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February Top Sales!

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I am your Mentor and your personal cheerleader! I want to support you every step of the way with your business. You are never bugging me, if you have a question, want an opinion or need to vent I am only an email, message or phone call away.

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