Course Update 10/29/13

Grades are Updated!

Just so you know, grades have been updated for the most recent grading period ending 10/25/13. This is a SPECIAL communication to let you know that your students completed all of the scheduled work for that time frame. YAY for them!!!

Please take a minute to compliment your student for their conscientious work in this course.

Weekly Class Meetings!

We continue to meet weekly as a group, a small group, of loyal attendees.

Students should mark their calendar and bookmark the site:
MONDAY at 8:00 PM:

I have told students often that small points are awarded for either attending in person or listening to the recording of those sessions. The idea is to listen as soon as possible so they are informed about some of the "trickier" concepts of our current unit. The important thing is NOT those little points but the increased understanding of the topic.

ASK if your student is doing either one of those things!!

Things to Remember for Parents...

The FINAL EXAM is scheduled for the first week of December (4th or 5th). December 6th is the LAST DAY of the semester for Georgia Virtual. More information will follow closer to that date!

The direct link to the PARENT Knowledgebase page is
: parent-info

Accessing My Parent Auditor Account

Using Your Parent Auditor Account

Contact the Instructor

You are always welcome to email with questions or concerns.

Thank you for encouraging and supporting your students in this online class.