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February 2016

Middle School Social Studies News is brought to you by FCS Teaching & Learning. If you find a great social studies resource, please share it with Robin Elmore, so we can highlight it here for all teachers.

The Civil War Trust

Click here for free teacher resources and lesson plans for middle school teachers from the The Civil War Trust. This site also includes free historic maps and historic photographs.


Check out iCivics, which offers free curriculum units, lesson plans, games, and webquests for students. Teachers can register for a free account. Each lesson has a search feature allowing teachers to see which state standards align to the lessons. Games help students to understand civic duties and concepts through active participation in simulations.

Knoema is a free world data atlas that has statistics from around the world. Educators can sign up for a free license.

FREE GCEE Workshop

Sign up for the following FREE GCEE workshop hosted in Forsyth County. Please check with your administrator for permission to attend.

NEW: Economies in Transition: Middle East (7th Grade Teachers)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Board of Education (Drive Lab 2)

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Social Studies Strategies: Tableaus

Want to bring history to life for your students? Try incorporating a dramatic technique call tableaus. In this simple, low-prep strategy, students freeze-frame a historic moment in time. Student creation of tableaus might involve the re-creation of a famous work of art or historic photograph, or students might develop an imaginative interpretation of a historical event. Take a look at these links or contact Robin Elmore if you want to learn more about using tableaus in your classroom.

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