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Monthly Events Of Wildcats: MAY 2020

Principals Message

Wildcat families,

WOW! Who would have imagined that we would be conducting 4th quarter through distance learning!?! I sure did not! I hope this newsletter finds you well and safe. Please know that every teacher, secretary, support staff and faculty member of TEWMS misses you and your students. We are ALL here to assist you. I have gathered information for you in hopes that we can make the best of our current situation.

A few things to know about your student's course work:

  1. Every assignment/quiz that your student submits, will receive feedback from a teacher. This feedback is to assist them in increasing their knowledge (and thus their grade).
  2. Each assignment/quiz can be taken up to three times. If a student needs additional opportunities, you will need to get permission from the teacher.
  3. EVERY teacher has a google voice number that is set up so that you and your student can call them. Please do NOT feel as if you are bothering them by calling, they are wanting to help you and your student be successful! Click here for a list.
  4. If you are in need of a laptop for your student to access/complete their work, please call us to make a reservation for a Tuesday to check-out a device.
  5. If you need any help, you can always call the school at 813-794-0200 and leave a voice mail, as we are monitoring this phone Monday through Friday.

If your students is still struggling on managing their time with distance learning, it might be helpful to have them focus on one class/course per day. I would suggest the following schedule, as we have asked teachers to schedule content Zooms accordingly.

  • Monday: Social Studies
  • Tuesday: ELA
  • Wednesday: Science
  • Thursday: Mathematics
  • Friday: Electives

Pasco County Schools is providing updated information here: I encourage you to click on each of the category pages for specific information: Academics, Distance Learning, Employees & Feeding Students. In addition, there is a "Frequently Asked Questions" section to assist families.

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Let us know how a Wildcat has made a difference for you! Give them a shout out here.

Distance Learning Supports:

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4th Quarter Grades

Due to distance learning this quarter, your student's grade is 'living' in MyLearning. The best way to monitor their progress is to create a parent observer account in MyLearning!

You will only see grades posted in MyStudent for attendance, progress reports and report cards.

Academic Integrity (Cheating/Plagiarism)

Some students are having some difficulty with academic integrity in some of their responses/quizzes submitted in their distance learning courses. Specifically, we are seeing an increasing number of students who are copying all or part of responses from other students or from the internet. We know that in many cases, students are feeling frustrated with the platform and the virtual interaction with their teachers. TEWMS students have been taught summarization skills and how to give appropriate responses based on what they have learned in the lesson or text. Our expectation is that students use their own words and do the best that they can in distance learning. Teachers are providing specific individual feedback on assignments and quizzes. Students should use that feedback to revise their answers when necessary. When instances of academic integrity are confirmed, teachers will contact parents and students. Students are encouraged to reach out to their teachers for help via email, google voice number, or discussion board whenever they need it. Multiple incidences of violations will be handled as a discipline issue with the grade level Assistant Principal.

We recognize that this is an adjustment for everyone, and we are here to help our students. Please reach out if you need assistance.



Join us in celebrating our TEWMS Teachers!

Our TEWMS teachers are working hard all over our community. Here are some ways that TEWMS families can show their appreciation. You can send your teachers an electronic card to show them how much you appreciate them.

So that teachers get a little something each day, we ask you use this daily schedule to send your teachers their e-card:

  • Monday, May 4th: 1st & 2nd Period
  • Tuesday, May 5th: 3rd & 4th Period
  • Wednesday, May 6th: 5th Period
  • Thursday, May 7th: 6th Period
  • Friday, May 8th: Support Staff & Administration

E-mail addresses for our TEWMS teachers and staff can be found at

If you are looking to send a little something extra to show your thanks to our teachers, you can also send them an e-gift card (we are recommending gift cards from, Publix, Wal-Mart and Target). Some eCard sites, like Punchbowl, even have an option to add an eGiftCard to the eCard that you send.

There are many options to send FREE eCards (some are by a free “trial” subscription), here are a few to choose from:

Thank you for helping make our Thomas E. Weightman MS teachers feel appreciated even from a distance. We miss seeing all of our Weightman Wildcats and hope that you are all keeping your our ROAR alive.

National Jr. Honor Society

Due to the change in our functionality this quarter, we’re waiting to process the NJHS applications until early August. We will announce those who are accepted for the 20-21 school year.

Student Celebrations

Due to concerns regarding the coronavirus and considering CDC guidelines, we regret to inform our middle school families that we are canceling all remaining school events, including dances, banquets and end-of-year celebrations. We are currently working on getting refunds for families.

We know that our 8th graders have been working hard the past three years and we want to celebrate their hard work and dedication prior to going to high school. And although we can not gather at the WCHS Preforming Arts Center, we are currently working on a virtual way to celebrate them. Please stayed tuned.

Student Belongings

We are developing a plan for students to come to campus on the last two days (May 28 & 29th) of the year to take care of: gym lockers, band instruments, return devices, yearbooks, t-shirts, certificates, etc. Once we have a detailed plan on when and how this will work for our Wildcats, it will be shared with all.

Upcoming Events:

  • May 1-27: Distance Learning via MyLearning
  • May 4-8: Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 25: Memorial Day, No School
  • May 27: Last day of school, end of 4th quarter & 2nd semester
  • May 27: 8th grade promotion, virtually
  • May 28 & 29: Students on campus to return & retrieve items