Principal Update

April 8th, 2013

Welcome Back BSE!


As I wondered the halls today I took quick notice to what appears to be a well rested and healthy teaching staff and student population. The long Spring Break was well deserved and hopefully enjoyable for all of you. Now that we have had a minute to get our heads straight let's gear up for the final 40 school days! Now is the perfect time to press yourself professionally, extend your creativity, push your team to go deeper, challenge your past practices, and engage students at a level that you have never accomplished before. It is my promise that those who continue to push students via engaging instructional opportunities will be highly satisfied with their end of year data! Remember that Coach Derado and I are here to support you along the way, so let us know if you seek any resources or assistance. Great to see all of you and let's enjoy what will be a very speedy fast finish of the school year!

Evaluation Update - IMPORTANT - K-4 Gen Ed ONLY (EC follow Beth's Lead)

As of this morning I have 14 more long observations to complete the next three weeks. I have no doubt that I'll make my deadline, however my meeting schedule and day to day life will be very busy! Please be sure to keep your eye on the eval schedule and ensure that you review the standards prior to my visit!

In order to meet the End of Year (EoY) requirements for EVAL I'll need you to submit (via email) some information to me. This information is due to me ASAP! Please send me the following in an email...NOT as an attachment, just the text of an email, please.

  1. Read Standards 1 and 3 on SFS.
  2. Send me any descriptors, explanations, or items that help me better understand how you meet both sets of standards. Remember that each of you turns in plans for me so I have a decent understanding of how you rank in standard 1.

This is your opportunity to ensure I have as much information as possible before I rate you in standards 1 AND 3. I'll do these ratings as soon as your information is sent. ALL info is to be sent prior to your end of year evaluation meeting. The ratings for standards 1 and 3 will be recorded as an observation in SFS. This is simply to document the ratings and will be shared in detail at your end of year meeting. At the end of year meeting I will review ALL current ratings and data that is available to you at the time of the meeting. If you meet prior to entering your TLO/SLO, that is ok, but your score will not be completed fully. We will also await school grades and ISTEP data as the information will come later in the year. When you leave the end of year meeting you will have a very specific ball park idea of your final rating and plan for attack for the 2013-2014 school year.


Staff Development - Finishing the year.

  • April 10th - LAST DELAYED START for school year - PLP in LGI (k-4)
  • April 10th - EC - Library - General Meeting
  • April 17th Staff Meeting - CANCELLED
  • May 15th - FINAL Staff Meeting - 8AM LGI - Reflections

April 10th - Delayed Start - K-4 LGI - EC in Library - 8AM Start Food/Drink in LGI for ALL!

Powerful Learning Practices Kick-Off

Sponsored by your PLP team - Mrs. Patrick (coach plp), Mrs. Murch, Mrs. Kussy, Mrs. Derado, Mrs. Schermerhorn, and DK.

Please plan on a casual PLP adventure and each of you will need an iPad, so bring one or any device of your choice, or feel free to borrow one from the library stash.

2013-2014 Schedule and Staff Assignments

  • The schedule committee is meeting this Thursday at 8AM (April 11th) to attempt to finish up any key issues - New item for next year 70 min. math blocks required!
  • Final Schedule will be released next week or the following at latest.
  • If you want a change in teaching assignment please notify me this week. I have spoke with ALL staff whom I need to assign to new positions for the 2013-2014 school year. If I have not talked with you than I am very happy with your placement, again, please let me know if you desire a change this week!

This week: EVAL - Carey Only

  • Today - Kaminski Admin 3:30pm - District Discussion 4PM
  • 4/9/13 - REACH Team and K/1 RTI - 8AM - DK (Admin 11:30-6PM) - PLP 4PM
  • 4/10/13 - Delayed Start PD 8AM - K-4 (LGI) EC (Library) Food for ALL in LGI
  • 4/11/13 - Schedule Meeting 8AM - Kaminski (Admin 10AM-11AM and 1-5PM)
  • 4/12/13 - Kinder and 4th Grade Teams 8AM - Jeans and BSE Spirit Gear