Teddy Rosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt 1858 -1919 By: Devin Stathus

life before presidency

Teddy Rosevelt went to Havard law schools to become a lawyer but later to finish his degree for a masters he went to Columbia law school and got his diploma there.

About Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt was a American statesman, author, explorer, and a soldier he was also the 26th president of the United States of America he was a strong republican to. He was born as called a sickly child with asthma which he overcame.

Early life

When teddy was a young kid he had health problems that people often made fun of him for at a young age. He grew up in the big city of New York he was the second of 4 children Roosevelt wasn't very smart as a young boy but was always surrounded by the love of his family. During school Roosevelt was often tutored by his teachers before and after classes.

Teddy Roosevelt college years

During Roosevelt's 20's he attended the Schools of Harvard and Columbia law School He attended the school of Harvard to become a naturalist this was one of his dreams to become a naturalist.

Presidential time or time in office

Teddy Roosevelt was in office from 1901 to 1909 he won both of his terms and is considered one of the most famous presidents ever. He also helped The United States slowly emerge from there depression.

TIme out of office life after presidency

After being president Teddy Roosevelt helped America with the depression still but mostly he was still focused on his family and kids. After being in office Teddy only had around 10 years before dying. He died from a cardiovascular disease he died on January 6 1919.

My reaction

Teddy Roosevelt was an interesting person to read about because he was very curious and trying to always fix things and discover new ideas or theories. But mostly he was and interesting person to read about because of the way he ran America he ran America in a different way than any other president did before him.

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