Stein Yeshiva Early Childhood

April 8th 2016

Yeshiva reminders and important information

Please remember to send in a weather-appropriate change of clothing. Please also note that the last day of school before Pesach is Tuesday, April 19th. If you will be leaving before April 19th, please let your child's Morah know.

A window into our week

2's @ Stein

This week the 2's continued on their quest of Pesach preparations. The children really enjoyed exploring the Seder plate and observing all of the objects on the Seder plate.

3's @ Stein

Discovering spring. On Wednesday the children in the threes enjoyed a nature walk where they observed the outdoor environment. They specifically looked at the trees, grass, and some sticks that were on the ground. The children picked up some of these items and are excited to investigate and observe them more in their classroom.

4's @ Stein

The fours used a sewing machine to put the finishing touches on their pillows for the Pesach Seder. The children participated one-on-one with Morah Linda as they very carefully used the sewing machine.

Pre1-A @ Stein

This week the children in the Pre1-A loved learning new zimros and nigunim for Pesach. The children also loved learning the halachos of washing our hands for Orchatz as well as reading from their Haggadah.