A glimpse into my unusual imperfect life

MY life isn't as perfect as others, and is hectic at times but nothing i cant handle

I'm 13 years old born in December 3 and raised in 3 different states San Diego, Colorado, and El paso but was born in San Diego,California . I have 1 older brother, so its just been me and him together. My favorite sport is track i find it as a stress reveler, i would also consider basketball and softball as my favorite sports.

My hero

My brother is a very special person in my life, he has tough me most of what i know and has helped me a lot. Even thought we have our differences we get threw them because we know that at the end of the day we only have each other.


i enjoy physical pursuits, especially running i find is as some type of stress reveler I also enjoy softball. Track and softball are my favorite sports last year I was mvp for both my goal to achieve this year is to get mvp this year as well.