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About us

As a member of the Apple Consultants Network, we can provide you with the knowledge to help make the right decisions with your mobile technology investment.
Then direct our talented team to execute.

At Future Help Designs, we leverage over 190 years of software development, design and project management knowledge and expertise.
We are passionate about creating elegant technology.

Christian Marcillo

Co-founder/CEO/Creative Director, Future Help Designs

Christian is skilled at connecting users with mobile technology, and speaking the languages of both consumers and developers. He has an ability to speak with the right and left brain thinkers to put together projects that provide high-end user interfaces that don't require the need of an instruction manual to use them. He works together with companies, idea generators, and engineers to focus on best practices, mobile principles and strategy. Bridging a fascination with technology and how it is utilized in every day ways is where he performs best. He demonstrates strength and experience in leveraging cloud environments and strong training, transparency and team collaboration to create a cultural foundation for Future Help Designs.

Christian is an Ambassador for the Mobile Technology Association of Michigan.