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Welcome Back!

"Social-Emotional Learning is a process for learning life skills, including how to manage emotions, develop healthy relationships and make wise decisions.

Please check out the tips below for lots of ideas on how to help as school begins. For a smooth start to school, for you and your child, here are some resources - ideas on books to read, tips to review, and videos as well."

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back to school

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AnxietyBC has several helpful resources on separation anxiety and school transition:

On Coping With Back to School Anxiety:

Helping Your Kindergartener with Separation Anxiety - YouTube

back to school jitters - child transitions to a new school year!

For information on how to help your child stay safe and learn healthy lifestyle habits this school year, click on the link below.


...a fun video for your children

We're Going to be Friends

...have fun and put these in their lunchbox!

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September is backpack month - Don't let your backpack become a literal pain in your back - or neck or shoulders either

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...a helpful video for parents

Back to School Survival Video 3: School

see you next month!

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