Weekly Newsletter

The Very Hungry Caterpillar turns into a Butterfly!

Dear Parents,

As our unit on bugs is coming to an end, we decided to study one of the most wonderful and curious bugs there is, the Butterfly. Its life cycle intrigued the students last week when we welcomed a small cocoon into our class. Unfortunately our monarch butterfly came out of the cocoon during the afternoon, but student were able to see picture of our beautiful friend.

On Monday we transformed our center into activities related to this bug. Check out what we have done!

Morning Routines

Cocoon Fun

On Monday morning we had so much fun wrapping ourselves to create the illusion of a cocoon. As a team, they had to wrap toilet paper as a team around a friend that they had chosen together.

Measuring Caterpillars

Since this week we are working on team building, one of our activities was to create the longest caterpillar as a team using connecting cubes. When all groups were finished, we comparedthem to see which was the longest and shortest and put them in order.

Choice Time


Every butterfly is different but studies have shown that most of them are symmetrical. That means that both sides are exactly the same. They worked on eye-hand coordination as well as problem solving skills by asking students to use legos to make the butterflies symmetrical. At first they struggled with the concept, but with the right guidance they were able to come up with amazing butterflies!

Butterfly Creations

Using their creativity and imagination, students were able to make different kinds of butterflies. Some had more than 2 eyes, some were colorful, and some were wacky in itself.

Visit from Jabal


Today we had the amazing privilege to receive Jabal in our school. He was able to receive his gift yesterday afternoon at his home but today we wanted to celebrate with him that he was able to accomplish his wish.

Jabal's condition has caused him to loose his eye-sight, but with the help from his parents, the students and teachers, Jabal was able to play in the playground. It was an amazing experience for all children.

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End of the Year Show

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This week we started rehearsing our End-of-the-Year Show here in the classroom. Each student is in charge of a different role. We will be making most of our costumes here in the class but we need some help from you. Read the list below to see how your child must come the day of the show (jeans and the color shirt assigned below).

  1. Sophia Daoud: red
  2. Camilo Ledesma: Green
  3. Pedro Mazzo: Green
  4. Harissa Daoud: Purple
  5. Ignacio Diaz: Purple
  6. Olivia Fernandez: Red
  7. Vinicius Guilherme: Red
  8. Lucas Falanti: Orange
  9. Diego Bustamante: Orange
  10. Valeria: White
  11. Laila Gonzalez: Green
  12. Matias Altamirano: Brown
  13. Nicolas Lacharme: Red
  14. Andres Ghielmini: Blue
  15. Santiago Vargas: Red
  16. Sofia Martinez: Brown
  17. Isabella Medrano: Brown
  18. Lara Fonseca: Green

Important Information

  • The last day of school is June 18th and all student will be leaving at 12:30. If you are leaving a few days before this date, please let me know so we can send your child's belongings before time.
  • On June 16th we will have Sports Day in the upper-court and Elementary Field. Students must come wearing their PE uniform.
  • Full Day Program: June 12th will be the last day of the Full Day Program. Starting on the 15th, all students will be leaving at 11:30.