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Stagecoaches were familiar vehicles along the main roads of the East and the South before the coming of railroads in the 1830s and 1840s. Even as the nation's network of iron and steel rails grew larger and more comprehensive, stagecoach connections to small and isolated communities continued to supplement passenger trains well into the second decade of the twentieth century.


* Comfortable

*High level of speed

*Easy to travel

*Fits 9 people

*Provided employment

*large amounts of good could be transported

*Refrigerated cars

*1 person had 15 inches of space

*First class travel costing $7




*Dangerous for passengers

*Dangerous for employees

*Only flows north and south

*Hard to travel upstream


Russel Blakeley developed stagecoach lines from, Minnesota, to Fort Abercrombie, Breckenridge to Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Bismarck to the Black Hills. He also provided steamship service from Fort Abercrombie to Winnipeg.

impact North Dakota

People could get from place to place faster and easier.

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John Ford's

John Ford's motion picture, Stagecoach, his classic 1939 cinematic parable of the Old West, virtually defined the image we carry in our mind's eye of nineteenth century stagecoach transportation in the Southwest. This includes John Butterfield's Overland Mail Company stagecoach service, which connected St. Louis, Missouri, and Memphis, Tennessee, with San Francisco, California.


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