Espaῆol 1

Syllabus /Prontuario


Teacher: Ms. Roman

Progress Book:

Course Goal:

Welcome to Spanish 1 class! This course is designed to help students understand and communicate in Spanish, and to also have a better understanding of the cultural background. This goal will be reached with several different types of methods throughout the course, including: listening; reading; speaking; and writing activities such as projects, small compositions, etc.

On line Textbooks

Avancemos 1 by Estella Gahala, Patricia Hamilton Carlin, Audrey L. Heining-Boynton, Ricardo Otheguy, Barbara J. Rupert

Online textbook

Materials needed:

  • OCPS-issued laptop
  • Laptop must be charged and ready to use upon arriving.
  • Students should always have access to the digital textbook Avancemos 3 and 4 for self-study and review when needed.
  • Students should also be a member of both the Edmodo group and Google Classroom group for their respective class periods.
  • Headphones

Tests and Quizzes

Frequent announced Summative assessments as oral and written quizzes and tests will be given. At the end of every book lesson (Examples: lessons 1.1, 1.2, 1.3…), students will take a test or a quiz. POP QUIZZES will also be given. If a student is absent the day before a scheduled test, students will be expected to take the test on the schedule day. I will also evaluate the students with Formative assessments as classwork, homework, projects, notebook check, etc. Students are going to be evaluated every week.

Grading Policy:

40% Formative Assessments: classwork, class participation, homework, notebook checks, bell work, and Exit Slips.

60% Summative Assessments: quizzes, written and oral tests, and projects.

A -100-90

B- 89-80

C- 79-70

D- 69-60

F- 59-0


I. Bell Work

  • Everyday as you enter the class bellwork instructions will be posted on the SMART display. You have 5 minutes to complete this bellwork. A timer will be displayed with the time remaining.
  • After time has expired bellwork will be reviewed as a class.
  • Students are expected to bring their OCPS laptop everyday and to only use the applications and programs sanctioned by myself, the teacher, at any given moment.
  • Working on other classwork or visiting or using unsanctioned websites, programs, etc. could result in disciplinary action.

II. Notes

  • - Expect to take notes almost daily. They will include important information pertaining to the lesson as well as practice problems and examples.
  • - If you are absent, it is your responsibility, the day you return to class, to get any and all notes and material that you missed.

III. Classwork/Homework:

Homework will be given at least three times a week. All assignments must be properly headed with the first and last name, date, period, and name of the assignment. Every homework will be posted on Edmodo.

Tests and Quizzes Policy

· Test/quiz dates will always be announced a few days of a week in advance.

· An in class review will be held the day before each test. Missing the review does not constitute a reason for missing the test. Therefore, if you miss the in-class review, make sure you study on your own that evening.

· Quizzes may be announced or unannounced (i.e. pop quizzes). There will typically be one quiz each week, unless there is a test within that week.

· If you are absent the day of a test or quiz, you will need to make-up the test or quiz

Make up work and absences:

It is the student’s responsibility to request and complete make up work.

As long as you have an excused absence, you get to make-up work you missed while you were gone and get full credit. The time limit for completion of make-up work is equal to the number of days absent, plus one. Make up quizzes and tests are to be taken at 2:30- 3:00 p.m. mainly on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Refer to the Student Planner

*Detentions are half an hour. They are served on the same times and days as the make-up days. Tuesdays or Thursdays at 2:30 P.M.

Tutoring: I am available for tutoring after school from Monday to Thursday until 3:00 PM.

· However, this is subject to change depending on the other obligations that I may have. Please contact me if your child needs help. Or have your child speak to me about additional help.

Tardy Policy:

*Being on time to class means being in your seat when the bell rings (not running through the door as it rings). It is important to read the tardy policy in the student handbook and be aware of the consequences to be taken for every tardy.

Hall Passes: .

Students must have their student planner with them at all times while in the hall during school hours.

Classroom Procedures and Behavioral Expectations:

1- You must be on time to class! You need to be in your seat when the bell rings working on the posted agenda.

2- You must bring your and all required materials to class every day. In the event that you do not have the required materials for an assignment, you will receive a ZERO for classwork assignment for not coming prepared to class. I give detentions to students who do not bring the laptop to class.

3- Be respectful to everybody.

4- No food or drinks, (water is allowed). Water must be closed when not drinking and be placed on the floor .The filling of water bottles are to be completed before coming to class. No student will be allowed to leave the classroom after the bell has rung to drink or purchase water. DO NOT ASK!

5- Talking without permission is not permitted in the classroom. During the announcements all students will also sit quietly and listen while announcements are made via the intercom or the television.

6- In case of an absence it is your responsibility to check the make-up work . Requests to make-up a test/quiz must be made at an appropriate time-before or after class, not in the middle of class instruction! Make up quizzes and tests will only be administered from 2:30-3:00. You need to make transportation arrangements to be picked up after school.

7- Cell phones are NOT to be out at all. Students are NOT to be charging their cell phones anywhere in the classroom. My classroom is a POWER DOWN ZONE. First infraction, student will receive a verbal warning, 2nd infraction, the teacher will take the phone away. The 3rd infraction student will receive a detention and parents will be contacted if necessary. Phone will be send to the main office.

8- You are required to sit in your assigned seat. No exchanging of seats will be granted. Seats will be assigned by the teacher at her discretion.

9- Off limits areas in the classroom include: my desk, computers, filing cabinets, and the storage room on the back of the room, including the refrigerator and microwave.Respect everybody’s property as you expect others to respect yours.

10- Cheating is punishable with an administrative referral. If your phone is out of your pocket or back pack during a test or quiz that will be considered cheating. Do not take your phone out in class especially during a quiz or test. Avoid misunderstandings!

Please fill out legibly, sign and date this page. This is an acknowledgement that you have read the class syllabus. The student must hand in this sheet to the teacher by…

Dear Parent or Guardian;

To ensure a positive learning environment for your daughter/son, please read and discuss the aforementioned policies and classroom rules with her/him. Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me via email. Thank you for your cooperation. I am looking forward to a very successful academic year. Please have your child return this page fully filled out by August 19, 2017.


Nancy Roman


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Work, classroom procedures and expectations state in this syllabus.

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