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September 20, 2017

The events calendar below includes all of the career center events created just for you!

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  1. Peace Corp Application Workshop - September 20th
  2. Inter-Cultural Appreciation Program (iCAP) Info Session - September 25th
  3. Nonprofit Meet Up - Ben Boone - September 26th
  4. Department of State Internships Info Session - September 26th
  5. Department of State Info Session - September 27th
  6. Graduate and Professional School Fair - September 29th'
  7. Friday Entrepreneurship Pitches


  1. "The Easiest Way to Research and Find Alumni on LinkedIn"

  2. "How to Land Your Dream Environmental Job"

Professional Development

  1. "Cover Letter Advice from a Nonprofit"
  2. World Bank Group Youth Summit

Job/Internship Opportunities

  1. The Sam and Myra Ross Institute Nature-Based Internships
  2. Passport Trainee - USA Jobs Pathways Internships
  3. Student Trainee (Foreign Affairs): USA Jobs Pathways Internship

  4. Administrative Program Support Assistant (Fall 2017 Intern) - Jamestown Yorktown Foundation
  5. Regional Field Intern - Republican Party of Virginia
  6. Change Corps Organizer
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Peace Corp Application Workshop

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Inter-Cultural Appreciation Program (iCAP) Info Session

This event date/location has changed. Due to Rosh Hashana, we have moved it to the 25th!

Reves Center (Conference Room)

When: Monday, September 25th; 4-5pm

Employers are looking for students with intercultural experience. Come and learn about this opportunity to enhance that skill. The program matches international and domestic students together and fosters a relationship through attending different activities around campus and the community together. It also looks great on a resume...

More information and application (due Oct 5th) here:

Nonprofit Meet Up - Ben Boone

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RSVP on Tribe Careers under Workshops

Department of State Internships Info Session

Where: Blow Hall Reception room (2nd floor)

When: Tuesday, September 26th, 5-6pm

Learn about the application process and timeline, hear about this past summer’s DoS interns’ experiences, and find out about funding opportunities

Department of State Info Session

Where: Cohen Career Center, Presentation Room

When: Wednesday, September 27; 6:30-7:30pm

Join Ambassador Arnold Chacon, Diplomat-In-Residence at the Department of State to discuss career opportunities, fellowship programs, and learn more about the state department.

RSVP on Tribe Careers under Information Sessions!

Graduate and Professional School Fair

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Friday Entrepreneurship Pitches

Calling all W&M Entrepreneurial Thinkers!

Every Friday | 1:00 pm | Entrepreneurship Center, Miller 3041

If you've spotted a business opportunity or identified a problem worth solving and have a idea you'd like to take to the next level, come by the Entrepreneurship Center to pitch it in front of a panel of judges for a chance to win $100. Participants have 90 seconds to address the following four questions:

  1. What is the opportunity or problem? (this isn't your idea)
  2. What is the size of the opportunity? (this still isn't your idea)
  3. What is currently being done to address this opportunity/problem and why are those solutions not sufficient? (yep...still not your idea)
  4. How might you address this opportunity? (finally! this is your idea!)

You have to hit all four points to be eligible to win.

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"The Easiest Way to Research and Find Alumni on LinkedIn"

Networking with alumni is a great strategy for your job search. You share the school experience and that makes a warmer way for you to introduce yourself. If you haven’t reached out to alumni (or classmates) yet, this article provides several different ways you can use LinkedIn’s alumni resource.

Read it here:

"How to Land Your Dream Environmental Job"

If you are passionate about sustainability, climate change, clean air and water, or any other environmental issue, read this article for tips about how to narrow and focus your job search.

Read it here:

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Cover Letter Advice from a Nonprofit

Watch the video here:

Caitlin is the Director of Outreach and Development for the Starlight Children's Foundation mid-Atlantic division. The foundation ensures that children will feel comfortable and "at home" when they are in the hospital. In this short video, she advises on how to tackle the cover letter.

World Bank Group Youth Summit

When: December 4th-5th, 2017

Where: World Bank in Washington D.C.

The two-day summit will contain plenary sessions to engage youth with thought-leaders in technology and innovation and workshops to provide youth attendees with the opportunity to share ideas and discuss. An important element of the Summit is the Competition which will invite young professionals to submit business or policy level proposals on the theme “Technology and Innovation for Impact.”

This year’s theme focuses on the opportunity rapid technological change presents to make the world more prosperous and inclusive. The event is open for youth ages 18-35 so is applicable for both undergraduate and graduate students and also attracts many young professionals. It would be fantastic to have a number of students from your university register for the event and enter the competition. We can also work with you to arrange a remote watch party as the event will be livestreamed.

Dates: Entries due September 29th; Registration due October 10th

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Most employers start posting internships in the winter, so don't worry! I'll post plenty of them then. Most employers post jobs as needed, so you'll see a surge of postings in the spring!

The Sam and Myra Ross Institute Nature-Based Internships

Open to all class years. This internship program comes with housing and a stipend. There are several opportunities available:
  • Farm Animal Education and Interaction - Teaching Barn
  • Equine Education and Interaction - Horse Barn
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation, Education and Interaction - Wildlife Center
  • Dog Interaction

For more information and to apply, look on Tribe Careers under Job Postings (won't be visible until Monday, September 25th). Also check it out here:

Passport Trainee - USA Jobs Pathways Internships

As a Passport Trainee, you will:

  • Provide specific support for higher-graded staff in the administration of the U.S. passport program. Assignments include, but are not limited to: applying established instructions, practices, or precedents in performing related procedural tasks in processing documents; sorting incoming applications or other documents and correcting errors based on a review of similar cases or samples.
  • Verify basic applicant data; and identify and reconcile obvious discrepancies using standard information sources.
  • Collect additional data from appropriate government offices as instructed; assemble appropriate forms and reports, and enter data into automated systems.
  • Distribute documents to appropriate personnel; respond to routine procedure inquiries; and use personal computers and software programs in an office environment to extract, revise or sort information from files, records or databases.

This opportunity is only available until Monday, September 25th, so apply ASAP!

Student Trainee (Foreign Affairs): USA Jobs Pathways Internship

This position is within the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Office of Taiwan Coordination (EAP/TC). The Pathway intern will serve as facilitator for U.S. government colleagues working on all aspects of our unofficial relations with Taiwan. This includes setting up meetings between Taiwan authorities and members of the U.S. Interagency and coordinating inquiries and requests. The Pathways Intern will be exposed to the full breadth of topics on which the United States and Taiwan engage, including political, political-military, cross-Strait relations, economic, international organizations, consular, and public diplomacy.

This opportunity is only open until Tuesday, September 26th , so apply ASAP!

Administrative Program Support Assistant (Fall 2017 Intern) - Jamestown Yorktown Foundation

Open to all class years. Assist with basic administrative duties associated with managing an office including: database input, database management, phone calls, light correspondence, copying, mailing and distribution of promotional materials. Assist with monitoring web page. Assist with logistics for meetings and planning events. Work on compiling development list of potential contacts for speaking engagements or fundraising activities. Act as assistants during after hours/special events.

Apply on Tribe Careers under Job Postings

Regional Field Intern - Republican Party of Virginia

Open to all class years. Regional Field Interns will be responsible for assisting the Regional Field Director with expanding the regional volunteer network and implementing the regional field plan. Duties may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Serving as a critical and valued member of the Regional Field team
  • Working in the field and supporting components of the regional field plan including phone banking, door-to-door canvassing and volunteer recruitment

Apply on Tribe Careers!

Change Corps Organizer

This is open to seniors (or anyone graduating Dec 2017 or May 2018).

Organizers attend an intensive classroom training and spend most of the year gaining hands-on field experience on issues like women’s rights, gun violence, immigration reform, voting rights, marriage equality and money in politics. Organizers will work throughout the year in cities across the country, providing critical field support for partner groups leading the charge on these issues and many more.

You’ll learn the skills necessary to plan town hall meetings, build and work with coalitions united for a common cause, set up and speak at press conferences, recruit and train volunteers, collect petitions, direct a canvass office, and much more. You’ll learn how to mobilize a community toward a common goal and build the kind of support and grassroots action that persuades decision-makers to stop obstructing change and embrace it instead. And you’ll learn these skills from people like Bill McKibben of, Van Jones of CNN and Rebuild the Dream, and Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood.

Apply on Tribe Careers and learn more here:

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