Hurricane Alex


Have you ever heard of hurricane Alex? Well I'm going to teach you about hurricane Alex. Alex at highest strength was a category 3 hurricane. Alex went through the southern part of North Carolina. Nobody was killed but there were many injured. In this article you will learn about How it started, the damage and the clean up/solution.

How it Began

It started as showers and thunderstorms in the Atlantic ocean. Then early in the morning on August 3,2004 Hurricane Alex hit the southern coast of North Carolina. It started as a category 1 but got stronger and stronger until it was a category 3 on the Saffir-simpson scale (The scale of hurricane categories).

The Destruction

The destruction was horrific many houses destroyed and power outages happened. The worst was the power outage because the barrier islands lost connection to the mainland. There was many rescue boats sent to people in need. All in all the destruction was horrific and even though no lives were lost there was many injured.

The clean up Efforts

With their Outer Banks island disheveled by a hurricane’s glancing blow at the height of tourist season, officials here Thursday had two urgent messages for visitors: Get out now, but come back soon.

Thursday’s evacuation was ordered because state officials decided that keeping outsiders on Ocracoke Island would many clean up efforts efforts by its 800 full-time residents to clean up and recover from Hurricane Alex, which brought floods and power outages.


All and all this was a horrific hurricane. This hurricane started with light showers. Caused terrible flooding,but had a great clean up effort . To conclude this article this hurricane was bad ,but wasn’t so bad because of the effort