Symbols are a picture or sign that represents something, In the catholic church there are many symbols that represent many things, such as a dove that represents peace, or a candle which represents the light of God, or wine that represents the blood of Jesus.

The catholic church isn't the only religion to have symbols, every religion in the world has symbols!

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Rituals is when you celebrate or do something at the same time of the year over and over, in the Christen church some rituals are Christmas for the birth of Jesus and Easter is when Jesus died.

Christmas Mass

Christmas is a ritual to the Catholic church because it is the birth of Jesus and almost every Catholic Church has a mass for this special event.

Pass Over

The Pass Over is the most known Jewish Tradition and it celebrates when the Jewish escaped from Egypt.


Belief in one God

The Catholic Church only believes in one God because they believe that the one God created everything

Belief in one God

Judaism and the Catholic Church are almost exactly the same and Judaism also only believe in one God


Myths is something that that the bible makes up to explain a story of something

Noah's Ark

Noah's ark is a myth in the catholic myth because God said to noah to make a ark with 2 of every animals to put in a ark when a massive flood comes through.


The coin myth is when a boy is crying of hunger and his father goes to the bible to ask God for something and their is a coin their

Sacred Texts

Catholic Bible

The Catholic bible is full of sacred texts because it is just a book of sacred texts.

A Jewish sacred text is the first testament of the bible because all of it is jewish.

Social Structures

Structure of the Catholic Church

The picture above shows the roles in the catholic roles, God or Father is on top, Son or Jesus in second, The Spirit is third, Pope in fourth, Priest in fifth and a church member is the lowest.


Catholic Ethics

Rules that people should follow

Jewish Ethics

Jewish ethics are written in books or passed on to people.

Religious Experience

Catholic Religious Experience

When you experience something in religion

Jewish Religion Experience

When you experience something in a jewish religion.