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Chapel Hill Monthly Family Newsletter - January 2023

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Congratulations to our Chapel Hill Choir

Thank you so much to Sarah Sansom and our school choir for putting on a phenomenal show at their Winter Musical! Also thank you to all of our families who attended the evening performance.
Winter Choir Performance

Congratulations to Chapel Hill's Spelling Bee winner!

The 4th and 5th graders that participated in the Spelling Bee did a great job! Allison Walter will continue to the next District Spelling Bee, with Aiden Zhong as the alternate! Congratulations!

spelling bee winner and alternate

Upcoming Important Dates

Jan 10th - PTA General Meeting, 6:30 pm

Jan 13th - Progress Reports Viewable in PowerSchool for Second Quarter

Jan 16th - Martin Luther King, Jr Holiday, No School K-12

Jan 17th - Second Semester Begins

Jan 19th - NO Late Start; school begins 9:15am

Jan 20th - K-5th Grade Class Photos & Student Club Photos (taken throughout the day)

  • Students participating in clubs should wear their uniforms or shirts

Jan 26 - 3rd grade Swim Screening

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Construction on the New Chapel Hill Front Entrance Began During Winter Break!

Construction on our building officially began December 21st, 2022 and continues through August 2023. This will result in the front main entrance and parking lot being closed for the rest of the school year. Beginning January 4th, 2023, buses will use the gym entrance and car riders and walkers will use the doors on the east end of our building to enter and exit the school. Please DO NOT drop students off on N. Walrond Ave. See the map below. The main changes include:

  • Car Riders: We will load and unload 8 cars at a time from westbound 67th Terrace. For safety reasons, all students must enter and exit on the passenger side of their vehicles.

  • Walkers and Bikes: All walkers will also enter and exit the building using the east doors. The bike rack will be moved to the area near the east doors as well.

  • Sidewalks: Car riders and walkers should use the sidewalks at all times.

  • Temporary Office: A temporary office station will be set-up at the gym entrance. Staff welcome car riders and walkers at the east entrance doors until 9:15 am. If you arrive after 9:15am, you should bring your child to the gym entrance for a late check-in at the temporary office station. If you arrive late to pick-up your child after the car rider line is finished, you should come to the gym entrance to sign-out your child. Parents visiting the school anytime during the school day should also enter the building at the gym entrance doors.

car rider/walker plan
temporary office station

Below you will find a Special Newsletter dedicated to everything about our construction project

Electronic Report Cards Available - January 13th

Your child's second quarter grade card will be viewable online via Power School starting January 13th. Below is the link to access your child's report card. Login using your username and password. This will be the same username and password you used when completing online enrollment this year. If you don't remember your username or password, click "Forgot Username and Password". Once logged in, the "Grade Cards" tab is located on the left-hand navigation bar. Then click "2022-Q2" to view a PDF copy of your child's report card.

Grade Card Parent Portal Sign In

Kdg-5th Grade Class and Club Photos - Friday, January 20th

On Friday, January 20th, all classes will take a class photo for the yearbook. We will also have clubs and student activities take a group photo. If your student is in a group that has a specific uniform, polo, or shirt, please have them wear it to school for the photo. Below is a list of the student activities/clubs we will photograph on January 20th:
  • 5th Grade Ambassadors
  • 4th Grade Choir
  • 5th Grade Choir
  • 5th Grade Strings
  • Boy Scouts
  • Kindergarten Lions Scouts
  • 1st Grade Tiger Cubs
  • 2nd Grade Wolf Cubs
  • 3rd Grade Bear Cubs
  • 4th Grade Webelos
  • 5th Grade Arrow of Light
  • Girl Scouts
  • Kindergarten Daisy
  • 1st Grade Daisy
  • 2nd Grade Brownies
  • 3rd Grade Brownies
  • 4th Grade Junior Girl Scouts
  • 5th Grade Junior Girl Scouts
  • LEGO Club
  • Chess Club
  • Girls on the Run
  • Diversity Council
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Notes from the School Nurse

Hope everyone had a great holiday break! The winter months are upon us and staying healthy is so important. Using hand sanitizer and washing hands frequently can help prevent the spread of germs, but, if your child struggles with dry, cracked hands in the winter, sanitizing may be especially hard on their hands this year. Investing in a good hypoallergenic lotion may be a good plan.

In order to try and maintain good spirits during the winter months, it is important to maintain healthy habits. Eating a balanced diet full of nutrients and staying hydrated is key. It can be hard to stay active in the winter time for both children and adults alike, but exercise can help release endorphins that will help you stay happy and upbeat even when it’s cold and dark outside!

As we get further into cold and flu season we'd like to send a "Thank You" to you all for your continued help in keeping our school safe and healthy. Our Chapel Hill parents continue to do an AMAZING job letting our front office know of illness-related absences and keeping your children home when they are sick. This helps us better be able to limit in-school exposure and transmission of the Covid-19 virus. Thank you for your help with this and we would very much appreciate your continued support in this area. If in doubt, give our front office a call at (816)321-5040. Together, we can stay healthy and safe.

On another note, please consider donating your child’s unused or unwanted clothing to the Chapel Hill Nurse’s office. We are in need of pants for both boys and girls, smaller sizes preferred.

Lastly, it is with a very heavy heart to have to tell you that I have decided to step down from my position as Chapel Hill’s nurse and will not be returning after Christmas break. This was a very difficult decision for me as I will miss many of the students that I see on a daily basis. I wish you all a safe, happy and healthy new year, and as always, thank you for entrusting me with the care of your students.

Nurse Stacy

Note: We currently have a sub nurse providing services to our students in the Health Room. If you need assistance, please contact the Health Room at (816)321-5043 or our main office at (816)32-5040.

Updates from Reading Support

This is the time of year when activities and the holidays may be taking up time and energy for
reading books together with your child at home. But as the school months roll along, we want
to encourage you to maintain the practice of reading aloud to your child and listening to them
read at least portions of the book they are reading for class so you can discuss the books
together. Research has repeatedly proven that read-alouds increase love of and motivation for reading, general knowledge of the world, vocabulary, empathy, and the likelihood that reading will become a lifelong habit. Taking the time to discuss the lessons or information learned in a book increases understanding and reinforces what they have learned.
We are tempted as our older students can read on their own to let them do so and drop the
habit of reading with them. It turns out to be very helpful to their growth as a reader (and as a
person) to talk about what they are reading and its impact on them personally. All kids still love to be read to as well, so during these cold months before they want to be playing outside again, make it a valued time of coziness and connection as you read to them or talk to them about what you and they are reading.
From the Reading Support Teachers
Sherrie Brown
Laura Swofford

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Don't Forget to Bundle Up! With colder weather upon us, we do still go outside for recess. Please make sure your student is dressed for the weather and that jackets/coats/winter accessories are labeled with names.

Inclement Weather Communications

NKC Schools families:

As we look ahead to the winter months, it is time to share a few updates regarding NKC Schools’ inclement weather plans for this 2022-23 school year. Our goal, as always, is to ensure the safety of all during inclement weather events while minimizing disruption to students’ learning. If weather conditions or other unexpected, short-term events make it unsafe for students to attend in person, the district has several options: school may start two hours late, students may be released early, students may learn virtually, or in-person classes may be canceled entirely due to inclement weather.

This year, we have continued to navigate the lasting impacts of COVID-19. In direct response to your feedback and in recognition of the challenges of another unusual year, we have a few adjustments to our inclement weather procedures:

The first three inclement weather days will be traditional “snow days” with no in-person or virtual classes. It is our hope that our students, families and staff will use these days to rest, relax and recharge! Enrichment activities will be accessible online should your family wish to continue learning from home, but there is not an expectation that students nor teachers log in on snow days. These days may be required to be made up. Potential make up days are included at the end of the school year in May as the calendar denotes.

Beginning with the fourth inclement weather day, if needed, we will implement virtual learning days. Similar to last school year, all students in grades K-12 will be expected to log in to Canvas and continue learning online. Teachers will work from home to support student learning. Preschool families will also receive further communication on these virtual learning days. These days would not be required to be made up by students.

Please see additional information regarding virtual learning expectations, athletics and activities, Adventure Club, and more on our district website at

In the case of a change to normal school operation due to inclement weather, families and staff will be notified as soon as possible in several ways:

· District website: provides the first notification of school closings and other cancellations.

· Email, phone call & text message: Phone, email and optional text messages are sent to school families and employees when classes are canceled, delayed or students are released early. To opt-in to receive text messages, text “YES” to 67587. · Social media: Information will be posted on the district’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

· Radio & TV: Local stations share announcements on air and on their websites.

If you have further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the district through Let’s Talk. We are looking forward to a safe and uneventful Kansas City winter!


A couple of friendly reminders:

  • Please send your child to school with a water bottle each day.
  • Label your children's jackets and other cold weather accessories with their names.
  • Please call the office to report an absence at 816-321-5042.
  • If your child has borrowed clothes from the nurse's office after having an accident, please launder those clothes and return them. If you are switching out your child's clothes due to the change in seasons, please consider making a donation of outgrown pants to the nurse's office . Used play condition is fine.

  • If you need to make changes in your child's dismissal for the day, please call the office at 816-321-5040 before 3:45 pm. We will hold firm to this cut off for early pick up as well. Unless otherwise notified by 3:45 pm, your child will follow the after school arrangements as stated on the electronic Dismissal Information Form.
  • To improve efficiency of the car rider line, please make sure your name plate is displayed in the front of your windshield from the time you get in line until your child is in the car. Remember to pull all the way up to the car in front of you. If grandparents do car rider pick up for you, please remind them of these things.
  • Did you know that you can find our most up to date school calendar on our website?
Link to School Year Calendar

Above you will find a link to our NKC School Calendar. This will be a helpful tool to reference throughout the school year.

Link to Late Start Calendar

NKC has late start Thursdays throughout the school year. The link above lists all the late start and non-late start dates for the 22-23 school year.

Link to MyPaymentsPlus

Click on this link to add lunch money or pay fees for your child throughout the school year.

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