The Messenger

The Monthly Newsletter of Blessed Savior Lutheran Church

A Message from the Elders

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I think we all can sense that we are moving into a state of transition. We are fortunate to have been blessed with the wonderful ministry of the Lord’s faithful servant, Martinho Sander, for eighteen years. It feels a little strange writing this article after reading so many of his edifying and excellent renditions, and yet here we are. The transition from one pastor to the next reminds us of the impermanence of things on this Earth; it’s important that we never get too comfortable with the way things are or take them for granted. Truly, the only constant that we can fix our hope in is the Word of the Lord, which endures forever (1 Peter 1:24-25).

The Bible offers no shortage of examples of trusting in God when faced with an uncertain road ahead. Abraham obeyed God’s directive to get up and go, even without a clear destination at the onset, taking his family and what possessions they could carry and “hitting the road” (Gen 12:1). Or take for instance the position of Esther, who faced deadly peril for advocating the position of the Jewish people directly to King Xerxes of Persia. Yet, Esther was reminded of God placing his servants in the right times and situation to take great courage, serve others, and glorify Him (Esther 4:14-16).

As we look toward calling a new pastor as well as this period of vacancy, I take comfort knowing that the Lord fulfills his promises and will guide the entire process according to His will. That is not for us to be complacent, however. I ask that you all look to your own talents in helping our congregation continue to thrive in the years ahead. Indeed, we have each been blessed and equipped by God with distinct spiritual gifts for the benefit of others and to the Lord (1 Corinthians 12:4-7). I invite you all to take amoment to consider where God might be leading you to serve.

Lord, we remain abundantly blessed as a congregation and community of believers. Let us continue to trust in your promises and serve as supports for our neighbors. With You, all things are possible. Amen.

Sean Malone

Chair of the Board of Elders

Special Voters Meeting-Pastoral Call

Our Pastoral Call Committee has concluded their interviews with 5 Pastoral Candidates this week. They then met to discuss the interviews and narrow the list to 3 names, which they are prepared to bring before the congregation at a Special Voters Meeting on Sunday, February 13th at 11:30am.

A list of the 3 candidates and a short biography of each will be made available to the congregation via a congregation wide email, in the Church Narthex, and in the church office. You can look for that information on Feburary 1. More instructions regarding the call process will also be provided at that time.

We encourage you to prepare for this important Voter's Meeting by spending time in prayer, asking for God's guidance in choosing our next Pastor!

February Calendar

Serving Us in Worship

February Birthdays and Anniversaries

Preschool News

Comfortable Christians

"Come, follow me, " Jesus said. Matthew 4:19a

Can we be considered comfortable Christians? Are we like Simon Peter as his Lord passed through the city streets being mocked and hooted at? Yes, Simon Peter was following Jesus, but we read that he followed Him from afar (Matthew 26:58). Are we like Peter who hiding under the blanket of night kept a safe distance between himself and the captors of Jesus? Jesus commands us to follow Him and that we have done, however does love for ourselves, our comfort and convenience, mean that we are no better than the disciple listed above? He truly did not serve and follow Jesus with reckless abandon. In the back of his mind, he himself stood in the way.

How often have we been like Peter? Lord, of course I will follow You – but my friends are looking, I am too busy to volunteer, I have my own life, etc. Yes, Lord, I will follow You – but not too close! There are still several things that we keep in the way, things that prevent us from serving God whole heartedly, things like love of self, love of pleasure, love of time, love of ease, and the list goes on. O Lord, let it never be said that I am not eager to follow You, but just let it be that I follow comfortably. Lord, surely someone else will fill that role, right? You don’t truly mean me, after all You know me, and I just can’t. Or lately, Lord change is hard, and being a good German Lutheran, I don’t want change, so I am not going to budge and help the cause!

Let us be done with being a comfortable Christian, let us take up the cause and SERVE and truly follow Christ. Surely God, who gave up His own Son to death to save us, will not let us fall! In fact, when we serve and follow with reckless abandon, we see that God holds back nothing! So let others know that you follow Christ and that you are willing to serve the Church and His cause so that every person on earth may know the love of Jesus. Let us be done holding back or not finding time or making excuses and let us put those foolish feelings aside and really follow Christ. With Jesus by our side and the Spirit as our guide let us be out in front of the parade and not lurking in the dark behind things like Peter. Let us take a stand and serve and follow God with reckless abandon. This is a time in the church that needs strong Christians, leading Christians, faithful Christians – so can your Lord and Savior count on you?

In His Service,

Jennifer Leinss

Preschool Showcase

Now Hiring

Childcare continues to look for fun, energetic, team players! If you or anyone you know is looking for an early childhood position, please pass this information along! We have all hours available and wage is based on experience. Early childhood courses and experience is preferred, but not necessary. For more information contact Director Jennifer Leinss at

Sunday School

The month of February holds for us the following stories:

February 6 - Jesus' First Miracle

February 13 - Jesus Heals Jairus' Daughter

February 20 - Jesus Calms the Storm

February 27 - Jesus Heals the Blind Man

Sunday school families will also work on the hymn "God Loved the World so that He Gave." It can be found in One and All Rejoice #246 or LSB #571.

Our second trimester of Sunday school offerings will be going to Zambia! Offerings collected will support the furthering of the Gospel in Zambia. With our offerings Christians there will be able to host Vacation Bible School, youth programs, workshops, and reach out to youth in need! If you feel so inclined to give, there will be a collection bin in the narthex!

Spotlight On...The Church Council

Over the next several months, we're going to take the opportunity to put a spotlight on our different Boards and Committees, and the work they are doing. Our different groups are always looking to add new faces and fresh ideas, so if you see a group that interests you, please let us know!

First, we'd like to introduce you to our Church Council!

The Church Council is the main governing body of the congregation, and consists of the Congregation Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Council Secretary, and the Chairmen of the Board of Education, Elders, Evangelism, Stewardship, and Trustees.

The Council meets monthly on the 3rd Tuesday at 7:30pm and uses that time to hear updates from each Board on the work they've been doing, as well as any new business of the church that needs to be taken care of, and a follow up on old business. The business they conduct is then relayed to the congregation at our Biannual Voter's Meetings, or through special communications. You can also request to see the Council Meeting Minutes at any time.

Quarterly Missions

We begin a New Year of Special Missions supporting the publication of two devotions books, the first is “Recipes of Love” and is for families with school-aged children. The second is called “Get Up And Walk.” It contains devotions for children that are sick – especially those undergoing extensive medical treatments. Both will be published in Portuguese, by Concordia Publishing House of Porto Alegre, Brazil.

For the past 15 years Blessed Savior has sponsored the publications of theological books, children’s Bible Story books and daily devotional books in Portuguese. These are distributed not only in Brazil but anywhere in the world where Portuguese is spoken. The Lord bless our joint efforts to His glory and the benefit of the church!

Young at Heart

Our Young at Heart Group has been enjoying getting together once a month! So far, we've had a Welcome Back Party, got a special Zoomobile tour at the Milwaukee County Zoo, learned about the Pabst family and mansion from one of their docents, celebrated Christmas with a party, and had a pizza and movie party, where we watched "Cool Runnings". We're looking forward to the next few months, and we hope that everyone 65 and older will save the dates and join us! Please see below for our upcoming programs.