What's this Thrive thing I'm hearing about?

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I don't know about you but as I get older, getting through the demands of my day got harder and harder. It seems we are just expected to do more with less...less energy, less resources, less time, less money. And at 40+, two kids in competitive gymnastics, a husband who works 60 hour weeks, and two decades as a special-educator, I am now old and exhausted !

So this past summer I began seeing my friend Kellie's posts about starting a new thing called Thrive and how much energy she was getting and cleaning out her closet, and everybody's saying how this Thrive thing must be really helping, so I had to check it out.

But it wasn't until November when I reached out to Kellie, and when she sent me a sample I still didn't believe it could help me. So it sat on my counter for like a month! When Kellie message me the second time to see if I tried it I was feeling guilty, plus I had just ran out of coffee, so the next morning I took the vitamin capsule on an empty stomach, 20 minutes later drank the pre and probiotic shake, and then added the Derma Fusion Technology foam- wearable nutrition. You know how most times those shakes are gritty and not the best tasting, well this one was delicious! So I went about my morning intending to stop for coffee but I never did. I used to have to HAVE my coffee in the morning in order to function every day.

The next few days I felt great and had awesome energy so I ordered my first month of Thrive. My husband Tom didn't want to try Thrive until he saw my delivery and asked, "What's that?" And I said, "Oh, this is that stuff you didn't want to try." And then he said, "Well if you want me to try it..." He wound up using my products until his was ordered.

The energy I got from Thrive was great and after two weeks I started to notice that I was no longer waking up and getting out of bed like a 90-year-old woman, all hunched over and shuffling to the bathroom. Then at about four weeks I had lost the extra pounds I wanted to shed. At about six weeks I started waking up before my alarm went off, gasping because I thought I had overslept, I had slept so well. At week seven I started to notice I'm in a happier mood. And now I've been thriving for four months, I'm feeling energized, happy, and it's so awesome!


So what been happening is that Thrive has been filling in my nutritional gaps. Everybody knows that the food we eat today isn't the same as the food our great grandparents ate and with the soil depleted of nutrients and the pollution in the air, and then poor eating habits due to the lifestyles so many of us live, we all have nutritional gaps. Thrive is a three step system (capsule, pre and probiotic shake and Derma Fusion Technology foam) that synergistically delivers over 100 vitamins, supplements, and nutrients into you body. It's all natural, non GMO, mostly organic and gluten free. All you do is take one vitamin capsule on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and then 20-30 minutes later drink the shake, which has more pre and probiotics equivalent to 1600 cups of yogurt. This promotes a healthy gut which everyone says is the main source of a lot of health and weight issues.


Do this for yourself, for your family. Click the button below to find out more about this Thrive thing. See for yourself what Thrive can do for you.
THRIVE 8 Week Experience